1Alexander Lukashenko is the long-serving President of Belarus since 1994.

Lukashenko about air defense: Situation is not critical but there are factors that raise concern

The president remarked that the troops have been on heightened alert for several days 

He has been criticized for his authoritarian rule and suppression of opposition.

Lukashenko maintains close ties with Russia and seeks integration with the country.

Aleksandr Lukashenko went on saying  "I mean in Bryansk Oblast where four airborne vehicles were shot down. We had to respond to that "

Close attention is also paid to the improvement and purchases of new weapons and military hardware 

Lukashenko's leadership has been marked by economic challenges and limited political freedoms.

In 2020, Lukashenko faced widespread protests following disputed presidential elections, with many demanding his resignation and calling for democratic reforms.

He has been accused of rigging elections, silencing the media, and suppressing opposition voices in Belarus.