A rumor that George Soros had died started trending on Twitter overnight 

Soros debunked the 'completely false' rumors and confirmed he was alive 

'I am alive and healthy': George Soros takes to Twitter to prove he's alive

Soros hasn't had a heart attack after internet rumor

 George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor, philanthropist, and former hedge fund manager.

1He was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary, and later immigrated to the United States.

 Soros is known for his highly successful investment strategies and is regarded as one of the most successful investors in history.

 He is the founder of Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund that made him a billionaire.

He established the Open Society Foundations to promote democracy and social justice.

Soros has donated billions of dollars to various causes and is involved in progressive initiatives.