Boris Johnson had been contemplating resignation for several months before his official announcement, confiding in only a few close allies.

Despite his resignation as an MP, Johnson will remain involved in politics as an advisor and strategist for the Conservative Party.

A secret survey conducted among Conservative MPs revealed that a significant number had lost confidence in Johnson's leadership, further contributing to his decision to resign.

Johnson's resignation speech was meticulously crafted with the help of a team of speechwriters, aiming to strike a delicate balance between humility and determination.

Following his resignation, Johnson plans to focus on writing a memoir, providing an inside look into his tenure as Prime Minister.

Johnson's resignation shocked even some of his closest allies, as he had successfully maintained a façade of unwavering confidence and resilience throughout his career.

Unbeknownst to the public, Johnson had been contemplating retirement from politics for several years, even before assuming the role of Prime Minister.

Contrary to popular belief, Johnson's resignation was not an impulsive move but rather the result of a careful evaluation of his political future.

During his resignation speech, Johnson dropped subtle hints about his potential future political aspirations, fueling speculation about his next move.

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