BTS was originally planned as a hip-hop subgroup but evolved into a seven-member group focused on music and storytelling 

 BTS stands for "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" and symbolizes their resistance against societal expectations.

Suga, a BTS member, produces and writes songs under the name "Agust D."

BTS faced early skepticism but achieved global stardom through hard work and fan connection.

"DNA" marked BTS's entry into the Billboard Hot 100's top 10, a first for a K-pop group.

BTS nurtures a strong bond with fans known as the "ARMY" through social media and special events.

BTS's albums, like "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life," create an interconnected storyline.

BTS actively engages in philanthropy, supporting initiatives like the "Love Myself" campaign with UNICEF.

 BTS's popularity has contributed to the "BTS Effect" on the Korean economy, boosting tourism and cultural influence.

BTS holds numerous Guinness World Records, including YouTube and Twitter engagement milestones.