Allu Arjun’s extraordinary gesture for Pushpa 2: No fees but millions are waiting

The success of ‘Pushpa: The Rise

Pushpa 2

Allu Arjun’s much-awaited film ‘Pushpa 2’, to be released in theaters in 2024, is making waves on social media. The actor, known for his charming acting, has decided not to charge any fees for the film, which has increased the curiosity among fans.

has increased Allu Arjun’s popularity, leading to speculations about a possible increase in his fees. However, recent reports suggest that the actor is working on ‘Pushpa 2’ without any monetary compensation. Despite waiving the fee, Allu Arjun stands to earn a major share of the film’s profits, reportedly taking 33% of the total earnings.

Pushpa 2 Teaser

As fans are anxiously waiting for updates on ‘Pushpa 2‘, recent discussions have also focused on the OTT rights of the film. While Amazon Prime Video has acquired the rights of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, Netflix is rumored to acquire the OTT rights of ‘Pushpa 2’ with a staggering deal of Rs 85 crore.

Pushpa 2

Allu Arjun himself has increased the excitement by announcing the release date of ‘Pushpa 2’ on Twitter. A sequel titled ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ is scheduled for Independence Day in 2024. The film has a star cast including Fahadh Faasil, Rashmika Mandanna, Sunil, Prakash Raj and Jagapathi Babu.

Pushpa 2

The first installment, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has won praise from the audience, and its iconic songs like ‘Oo Antwa’ and memorable dialogues continue to resonate with fans. As anticipation grows for ‘Pushpa 2’, Allu Arjun’s decision to step down adds an interesting layer to the film’s story, promising a cinematic experience that goes beyond financial considerations.

Pushpa 1 Trailer

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