Ansar Shaikh Success Story: Father Used To Drive Auto Rickshaw, But Son Became The Youngest IAS Officer!

Ansar Shaikh Success Story Interview

Ansar Shaikh Success Story

Many people in our nation, India, came from very low-income and middle-class families, but they managed to make their names—as well as the names of their entire family—famous across the nation through hard work and dedication. We’ve brought you one such success story today, where the father of the boy worked as an auto driver.

Furthermore, the boy came from a very low-income family—so low-income that they could not afford to send him to school. Nevertheless, this boy is now our nation’s youngest IAS. Ansar Shaikh, who recently became India’s youngest IAS officer, is the subject of this discussion.

Ansar Shaikh came from a very low-income background, but he worked hard to rise to the rank of young IAS officer in the nation today. As a result, we will learn about Ansar Shaikh’s success story in today’s article and how, in spite of his family’s financial hardships, he went on to become an IAS officer.

Became an IAS officer in the first attempt: Ansar Shaikh Success Story

Although the UPSC Civil Services Examination is one of the hardest exams in our nation, many thousands of kids aspire to pass it in order to become IAS and IPS, but very few kids actually succeed in passing it. In addition, a lot of coaching centers charge exorbitant fees for UPSC preparation.

However, despite all of this, Maharashtra resident Ansar Shaikh was able to become an IAS officer on his first try. When it comes to Ansar Sheikh’s early years, his family was extremely impoverished and did not have enough money to provide for a good education for him. Nevertheless, Ansar persevered in his studies in spite of these obstacles with the support of his friends and his part-time job, and he eventually passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination on his first try.

At the age of just 21, Ansar Sheikh became the youngest IAS officer in the nation after receiving a 361 ranking on the UPSC Civil Services Examination. In addition, allow us to inform you that Ansar spent three years studying for his Civil Services Examination, putting in twelve hours a day during that time.

Ansar Shaikh Success Story

Father Used To Drive Auto Rickshaw

Regarding the family of Ansar Sheikh, his father used to operate an autorickshaw in Maharashtra and provide for his family out of the money he made from it. Ansar is descended from his father’s second marriage, out of his three marriages. In Ansar’s family, he also has a younger brother who was forced to drop out of school and begin working to support the family.

Even though Ansar’s family was living in abject poverty, he persisted in working hard and managed to become the nation’s youngest IAS officer while pursuing his education.

He has become an inspiration for the society

Ansar Shaikh Success Story

Because he passed one of India’s most difficult exams on his first try, when some kids need to take two or three tries, Ansar Sheikh has become an inspiration to the entire nation, despite the poor conditions in his home. Only a small percentage of kids are able to pass the civil services exam despite passing this exam.

Ansar is now the youngest IAS officer in the nation thanks to his diligence and hard work. He should teach us that no one can defeat us if our goals are strong enough.

We hope that this article has provided you with some knowledge about the Ansar Shaikh Success Story. Please feel free to share it with your friends in order to inform them of this interesting topic as well. To read more articles like this one, stay connected.

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