Aprilia RS 457: This Bike’s Amazing Looks Will Cause A Stir As Soon As It Is Released, And KTM’s Dominance Will Be Affected.

Aprilia RS 457

Aprilia RS 457

The Aprilia RS 457 is a new sports bike that has been introduced to the Indian market. This bike was designed and manufactured in Italy, and Piaggio India Company is now introducing it to the Indian market. This is a sports bike, and it will be seen in the 457 cc segment. This bike will be ideal for anyone who enjoys reading and is looking for a good sports bike within a budget of several lakhs. There is more information about the Aprilia RS 457.

This bike will serve as India’s racing and sports bike. The bike appears to be very large and impressive in the teaser. According to bike experts, new technology and features have been extensively used in this bike. Many features, such as an LED headlight and an integrated turn signal, will be visible.

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The Aprilia RS 457 is now available in India.

Aprilia RS 457

Although no official information about the Aprilia RS 457 has been released, bike experts believe it will be released in India on December 8, 2023.

Aprilia RS 457 price in India

This information about the price of this bike has come to light, and it is expected to be launched in the Indian market for Rs 4 lakh.

Aprilia RS 457

Aprilia RS 457 Design

The amazing teaser of the Aprilia RS 457 demonstrates that in terms of design and appearance, this bike will outperform all other bikes in this price range. This bike has a similar appearance to the Kawasaki Ninja. In the Indian market, this bike will be available in two colors: red and black. This bike has many different tattoos and logos, and even its tires have been matched to the color of the bike, making it unique and amazing.

Aprilia RS 457 Feature

Aprilia RS 457

Many new features can be seen in this bike, such as LED turn single lamp, LED tail light, sport mode, speedometer, odometer, 3 to 4 inch LED display, smartphone connectivity, TFT console, Bluetooth connectivity, and so on. This bike has several features.

Engine Aprilia RS 457

Aprilia RS 457

A 457cc liquid cooled twin cylinder engine of ultramodern technology has been provided to power the Aprilia RS 457, making this bike a speed bike. This engine has a power output of 47bhp. According to bike experts, this bike has a top speed of 180kmph and a total weight of 175kg.

Aprilia RS 457 suspension and brake

Aprilia RS 457

This bike has two suspensions, one of which is a preload adjustable 41mm USD suspension at the front. In addition, rear adjustable mono suspension is available.

Aside from that, both wheels have disc brakes for excellent braking. The front ABS dual channel disc brake is visible, and the rear ABS dual channel full disc brake is visible. Additionally, both tires are available with tubeless tyres.

Aprilia RS 457 Competitors

Aprilia RS 457

In the Indian market, the Aprilia RS 457 will compete with bikes such as the KTM 390.

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