Biggies Burger Story: This man built a company worth Rs 100 crore with just Rs 2000, read the whole story!

Biggies Burger Story

Biggies Burger Story

There are many different kinds of food available in India due to the country’s large food industry, which brings in millions of rupees each month in sales for its many restaurants. In a similar vein, we have a story from the Indian food industry today about a man who, with just Rs 2000 in savings, founded a company valued at Rs 100 crore.

We are discussing the Biggies Burger Startup, which was founded in 2016 by businessman Biraja Rout, who is employed in the IT sector. As of right now, the Biggies Burger Startup has grown to be a 100 crore brand. You will read about the history of Biggies Burger and how it grew to become a 100 crore company in today’s article.

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The Biggie’s Burger Story started like this.

Biggies Burger Story

Indian resident Biraja Rout founded Biggies Burgers in 2016 to provide Indians with access to a variety of Grilled Burger flavors. Customers can choose from a variety of burgers at Biggies Burgers, a QSR (quick service restaurant) chain.

In a Livemint interview, Biraja Rout revealed that, at the age of 21, he experienced the taste of a hamburger for the first time in his life. He fell in love with hamburgers the moment he tried one for the first time in his life, and he also began researching them at the same time.

Biraja Rout had completed all of her research.

Biggies Burgers’ founder, Biraja, also revealed in the interview that he founded the company because, while doing research on burgers, he was unable to locate any Indian restaurant that offered a wide variety of burgers to its patrons. People had to turn to American brands at the time for unique burgers, which gave me the idea to start it.

Biraja Rout had no prior business experience and was employed by an IT company at the time. Even so, he continued to have faith in himself and made the decision to launch the Biggies Burgers QSR restaurant chain.

began with just this amount of cash
In the interview, Biraja also revealed that he had only ₹ 20,000 to launch his business. Taking a chance, he used this small amount of capital to open Biggies Burgers, a tiny stand, in a tiny location. He quit his job soon after the stall opened and began giving his business his whole attention.

With time, Biraja’s Biggies Burger brand gained popularity in that region, drawing thousands of customers to his daily stand. Furthermore, let us inform you that Biraja had no prior experience preparing burgers, etc.; instead, he learned how to do it from YouTube and began selling burgers.

In addition, Biraja used to set aside two thousand rupees from his paycheck each month in order to grow this business.

Created a company worth crores with just Rs 2000

Biggies Burger Story

Biraja, who used to save ₹ 2000 per month for his Biggies Burgers business, has built a company worth crores with just Rs 2000. Today, his business is valued at crores of rupees. Subsequently, he began offering brand franchises, and as a result, he currently has over 130 locations throughout India. In addition, Biggies Burgers’ burgers are available for tasting in over 24 Indian cities.

As per Biggies Burgers’ report, the company is expected to achieve revenue of Rs 100 crores this year, owing to the daily sales of over 70 lakh burgers. Biggies Burgers is also the largest QSR chain of hamburgers in India.

Biraja Rout got to where she is now because she took chances and had faith in herself. We hope that this article has provided you with information about the Biggies Burger Story. Please tell your friends about Biggie’s Burger Story by sharing it with them.

Biggies Burger Story

FAQ: The Tale of Biggies Burger

Who is Biggies Burgers’ founder?
Biraja Rout is the name of the Biggies Burgers founder.

In 2023, how much money did Biggies Burgers make?
Biggies Burgers is expected to bring in over Rs 100 crore in revenue this year, according to reports.

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