Bummer Success Story: See the complete story to learn how this boy sells underwear for ₹ 2 crore a month!

Bummer Success Story

Bummer Success Story

Everybody plans to launch a new startup these days, which is why India is seeing an increase in the number of startups every day. The fact that the current government is heavily supporting startups is another factor contributing to the rise in the number of startups in India.

Aside from this, many new people are being inspired to launch their own startups by the Shark Tank India show that has been airing on television. In India, a variety of new startups are being launched, many of which many people may not even be aware of. In this context, we present to you the tale of a startup whose founder is making ₹ 2 crores a month from selling designer underwear alone.

We are discussing the Bummer Startup, which was founded by Sulay Lavsi and is expanding quickly in the modern era. So let’s read about today’s Bummer Success Story.

Sell Fancy Underwear!

Bummer Success Story

Bummer startup was started by Sulay Lavsi in the year 2020 from Ahmedabad city, and Sulay’s objective of starting it was to make Bummer a comfortable underwear brand. Sulay got the idea to start the Comfy Underwear brand because he had studied clothing and fashion at the California School and had experience working for numerous fashion brands.

So that young people like himself could wear something different, he came up with the idea of creating slightly fancy and different underwear. He launched the Bummer brand for this reason.

Bummer Success Story

These are their products

Sulay founded Bummer primarily to manufacture and market a variety of undergarments; as a result, every pair of underwear produced by his company is ostentatious.

He began producing underwear with unique patterns and colors in place of standard underwear, and the sales outcome was also extremely favorable. The fact that Boomer’s efforts in the underwear market were novel was the reason for the favorable outcomes.

People saw it in Shark Tank India

It’s also important for us to mention that Sulay was given the opportunity to appear on Shark Tank India, the well-known business program in India. He seized the opportunity, as seen in Shark Tank India Season 1. Sulay had applied for funding of Rs 75 lakh for his Bummer business during that season.

Bummer Success Story

Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar, the judges of Shark Tank India, saw Sulay’s potential and gave him funding of Rs 75 lakh. They also joined the Bummer business.

He currently makes Rs 2 crore a month.

Bummer Success Story

Sulay Lavsi was making Rs 60 lakh annually when he founded Bummer, but after appearing on Shark Tank India, the company’s growth accelerated and by the end of 2023, or this year, it was earning Rs 60 lakh annually. He has made eleven crore rupees in sales.

As a result, Sulay and Bummer now make Rs 2 crore a month together. Additionally, Sulay added many other products to Bummer, such as shorts, t-shirts, pajamas, and more. Bummer was not just limited to underwear. For this reason, Boomer is currently advancing even more quickly.

We hope that this article has provided you with some knowledge about Bummer Success Story. Please continue to visit our website to learn more about other startups that are similar to these.

FAQ: Bummer Success Story

Who is Bummer’s founder?
Sulay Lavsi is the founder of the Bummer company.

What was Bummer’s revenue in 2023? Thus far in 2023, Bummer has generated over Rs 11 crore in revenue.

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