ClearDekho Success Story: These two boys made a company worth crores by selling spectacles, read the full story!

ClearDekho Success Story

Due to the plethora of new companies and startups that have opened in India in recent years, others are inspired to launch their own ventures. Because we now have access to so many business success stories on the internet, the number of startups in India is growing daily.

Thus, we are presenting to you today the tale of another incredible company whose founders earned millions of rupees through the sale of eyewear.A business has been established. Here, we are discussing the ClearDekho company, which was founded in 2016 and is currently valued at crores.

The ClearDekho startup is an eyewear company that offers a variety of glasses for sale to consumers. You will read the ClearDekho Success Story in today’s article and learn how the company’s founders used the sale of eyeglasses to build a billion-dollar business.

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This is how ClearDekho Success Story started

Two boys named Shivi Singh and Saurabh Dayal founded the ClearDekho company in 2016. Since they had been close friends since they were young, they had always planned to work together in business. Let us tell you about Shivi Singh. He was already performing a very good job, but he observed that there is a major issue in small towns and villages. Wearing Eyewear

Because of this, the locals were unable to locate appropriate, high-quality eyeglasses, which is why they founded CleanDekho. decided to launch this in order to provide small towns and cities with high-quality eyewear.

When Shivi told Saurabh Singh about the EyeWear business idea, the two of them collaborated to start the ClearDekho business. Thus, an ClearDekho Business was established. Saurabh Singh had previously worked for companies such as Wipro, HCL, and Paytm.

Sell glasses both online and offline!

The ClearDekho founders Because Saurabh and Shivi Both had extensive backgrounds in their respective industries, he began receiving excellent responses right away. Currently, ClearDekho uses both offline and online channels to interact with its glasses.ClearDekho And he applied the same knowledge in

They began by selling glasses online. In 2018, they opened their first location in India, and as of right now, they have more than 100 locations. commenced operations in India.

When it comes to cost, ClearDekho eyewear is readily accessible and ranges from ₹200 to ₹600. And for that reason, it’s quite easy for residents of tiny towns and villages to purchase glasses.

Today it has become a company worth crores!

Since its founding in 2016, ClearDekho has grown to be a multibillion dollar enterprise, with revenue of Rs 7.50 crore in FY2022 alone. This company’s objective is to provide high-quality eyewear to residents of tiny towns and villages.

In contrast, ClearDekho When it comes to the company’s funding, thirteen million dollars’ worth of funding have been raised, but the company has not yet received any money from startup investors; as a result, its valuation has also reached crores.

In an interview, Shivi Singh, the founder of ClearDekho, stated that he will not be making any more changes to his company for the next two years. in order for his business to produce and distribute high-quality EyeWear to a large number of residents in small towns.

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