DOMS Industries IPO Allotment Status: How and where to check?

DOMS Industries IPO Allotment Status

DOMS Industries IPO Allotment Status

The DOMS IPO opened on December 13 and ended on December 15. The Domes IPO price range was set at ₹750 to ₹790 per share. Domes IPO’s allocation is finalized on December 18, 2023. On December 19, the shares will be transferred to the demat account of those who received this IPO. However, the money of those who applied for this IPO but were not given shares will be reimbursed. The refund procedure will begin on December 19, 2023.

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DOMS Industries IPO Subscription Status

The total number of subscriptions for the DOMS Industries IPO across all categories is 93.52.

The Qualified Institutional Buyers, or QIBs, have responded incredibly well to this initial public offering. In this category, there have been 115.97 subscriptions to this IPO. Large mutual fund companies, pension funds, insurance providers, banks, etc. are included in the QIB category.

In the NII (Non-Institutional Investors) category, the IPO has received 66.51 subscriptions. NII is an acronym for Non-Resident Indian (NRI), Indian Citizen, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Trust, Society, etc. those who submit over two lakh share applications.

The only people left are regular people like us, or retail investors. The DOMS Industries IPO was subscribed to 69.67 times in this category. Also, 29.21 subscriptions have been made to the initial public offering (IPO) in the special employees category.

Category Subscription (Times)

QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers) 115.97
NII (Non-Institutional Investors) 66.51
Retail Investors 69.67
Employees 29.21

How to check on Linkintime’s website Allotment Status?

Login👉 DOMS Industries IPO Allotment

Page Link Intime India Pvt Ltd – Status of IPO Allotment

Select a PAN Number, Application Number, or DP ID option.

Select the “Search” option.

On your screen, the DOMS Industries IPO’s allotment status will be displayed.

How to check allotment status in demat account?

With the assistance of your broker, ascertain the current status if you are using an offline demat and trading account.

Access your trading or demat account to check online.

Shares that you have been allocated will show up in your demat account.

(The procedure will be the same whether you use Groww, Angel One, Zerodha, or any other demat account.)

How to check allotment status with the help of bank account?

Check the bank account from which you applied for IPO.

Check bank account balance.

If you have been allotted shares, the money will have been debited.

If you are not allotted shares then you will get the withheld money back.

Information about Domes Industries Limited

R.R. Domes Industries Limited was founded as Industries, a partnership firm, in 1976. Domes Industries Limited is now a company that produces innovative products. The company, which is based in Valsad, Gujarat, debuted its flagship brand, “DOMS,” in 2005. Offering a large range of products, DOMS is a prominent brand and player in the Indian “Stationery & Art” products market.

What is the objective of DOMS IPO?

There are two main uses for the funds raised from the IPO. The funds will first be utilized to open a new DOMS manufacturing site. The capacity to produce new writing instruments, watercolor pens, markers, and highlighters will increase with the opening of this new manufacturing facility. Second, the proceeds from the IPO will be put toward other business endeavors.

DOMS Industries IPO Allotment Status

Domes Industries IPO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the allotment date of Domes Industries IPO?

The allotment date of DOMS Industries IPO is December 18, 2023.

2) What is the refund date of Domes Industries IPO?

The refund date of DOMS Industries IPO is December 19, 2023.

3) When will the IPO of Domes Industries be listed on the stock exchange?

Domes Industries IPO to be listed on stock exchanges on 20 December 2023 (on BSE and NSE)

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