Gulshan Devaiah’s Top 5 Movies: A Heartwarming List That Captivated Fans

Gulshan Devaiah’s Top 5 Movies: A Heartwarming List That Captivated Fans

5 Best Movies of Gulshan Devaiah:

Gulshan Devaiah is an actor who can adapt himself to any kind of role. Whether playing a villain in a romantic drama, a comedy, or a crime thriller, Gulshan Devaiah brings life to every part.

Actor Gulshan Devaiah constantly strives to try something different in his work. In his career, he has taken on a wide variety of roles. People are always impressed by his acting.

If you are a fan of Gulshan Devaiah, then you must watch these five films of Gulshan Devaiah (5 Best Movies of Gulshan Devaiah).

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Gulshan Devayya’s role in the film is small, but he won the hearts of the audience with his strong acting. Supriya Pathak’s acting is also very good, but Devayya leaves her behind too. He caught everyone’s attention with his strong acting in Ram-Leela.

This film is the love story of Ram and Leela. The film shows how love is bigger than any religion or caste.

Commando 3

Ram Leela Trailer

This film is the story of a commando who is ready to sacrifice his life for the country. Gulshan Devaiah played the role of the head of a terrorist organization in Commando 3. He is a very dangerous terrorist who wants to destroy India. He is planning to carry out a major terrorist attack with his organization.


Commando 3 Trailer

Blur Film is a thriller film based on the investigation of the death of a woman’s twin sister. Gulshan Devaiah is playing the role of a police officer named Neil in the film. Neil is drawn into the investigation. During the investigation, Neil learns that the woman’s twin sister has been murdered. The film shows how the truth always comes out.

Hate Story

Blurr Trailer

The part played by Gulshan Devaiah in Hate Story (2012) was crucial. His acting gave the movie more vitality. The audience was greatly impressed with his attractiveness as a character.

In this movie, Gulshan Devaiah portrayed a very distinct and difficult character. He performed this role so exquisitely that it made the audience reflect deeply.


Shaitan is a crime thriller film which made Gulshan Devaiah a star. This film was very different from Bollywood crime or thriller films. Despite having a large cast of debutantes, director Bejoy Nambiar created a movie that is still regarded as a classic.

Shaitaan Trailer

In this movie, Gulshan Devaiah portrayed a wealthy, spoilt brat. He is an angry and violent boy. Deviah brought a devilish edge to the role, which drew the audience to Casey.

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