Honda Activa Discount Offer: Purchase For Just Rs. 20,000? Understand How To Close The Deal

Honda Activa Discount Offer

The Honda Activa is the first scooter that comes to mind when someone is considering purchasing one. Because of its excellent performance, this company has gained a place in everyone’s hearts. There are numerous Honda Activa scooters in India, available in various models. However, the question arises as to why this scooter is not so inexpensive that anyone can purchase one. Thus, we will learn how to get a Honda Activa delivered to our house for just ₹ 22000 in today’s post. Additional details regarding the Honda Activa are provided below.

Honda Activa Scooter

Speaking of scooters, the Honda Activa is a popular model that is currently selling in large quantities and creating waves in the market. because the features and appearance of this scooter are excellent. The Honda Activa scooter has many features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a tachometer, a speedometer, and a smart key. You can even bring the scooter inside your house—you just need to remember a few things.

Currently, the market is seeing a very rapid increase in the sale of used scooters. which the company produces high-quality scooters. Online retailers appear to be offering these scooters for half the asking price, and all of them are now functional and have good mileage. As a result, the scooter operates for an extended period of time in comfort. In the event that you are unable to purchase a new scooter, you can easily obtain a used scooter for a fraction of the cost and become the owner of one over time.

Specification Value
Engine 109.51 cc
Power 7.84 PS
Torque 8.90 Nm
Kerb Weight 105 kg
Brakes Drum
Tyre Type Tubeless

Honda Activa Ex-Showroom Price in India

In terms of cost, the Honda Activa 6G scooter is available for purchase in India for between Rs 76,234 and Rs 82,734 ex-showroom. Even with the lowest EMI plan option, you can still bring this scooter home. which allows you to pay in 36 installments with a ₹9,000 down payment. This will require a monthly deposit of Rs 2,619, with a 9.7 percent interest rate. The total loan amount from the bank will be Rs 81,533.

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Honda Activa Scooter Discount Offer

You can really realize your dream of owning a scooter manufactured by Honda. Such lucrative offers are frequently posted on the websites of businesses like OLX and QUIKR. This is an offer where they sell fantastic scooters for extremely low prices; scooters such as the Honda Activa 3G are still available on the OLX app, and they are also listed there at extremely low prices. This particular scooter is registered in Delhi and is priced at Rs 22 thousand.

Buy Honda Activa Scooter from here at cheapest price ?

The 2015 model Honda Activa 3G is also listed on the QUIKR website, where the scooter is listed for ₹22000 and the seller has not made any offers.

Features of Honda Activa Scooters

Now that we are well-informed about the Honda Activa scooter, let’s examine some of its features. Why, after all, is this scooter company creating such a stir? This scooter has a lot of new features that you can see. The company has added a lot of new features to this scooter, including a smart key, a speedometer, an odometer, a charging slot, large storage, an LED headlight, silent start, and X5 to 6 color options. which elevates this scooter to a fantastic level.

Specifications Details
Starting Price (ex-showroom) Rs 76,234
Engine 109.51cc, BS6-2.0
Power 7.84 PS
Torque 8.90 Nm
Brakes (Front/Rear) Drum
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 L
Weight 105 kg
Mileage City: 59.9 kmpl, Highway: 55.93 kmp

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