Jyothy Labs Saga: From a Rs 5000 Borrowed Start to a Rs 14000 Crore Valuation – A Remarkable Journey

Jyothy Labs Saga: From a Rs 5000 Borrowed Start to a Rs 14000 Crore Valuation – A Remarkable Journey

Interview for Jyothy Labs’ Story


The Story of Jyothy Labs: Today, we’ve shared with you the narrative of this business. By reading it, you’ll gain valuable insights and understand that even with numerous setbacks, you can achieve great things in life. You have to be familiar with Ujala Neel’s name and have used it at some point.

Throughout the 1990s, ujala neel was widely used in homes to wash clothing. Many still wash their clothes with Ujala Neel today. However, do you know the name of the company to which Ujala Neel belongs and who founded it?

If not, then in today’s article we will read about Jyothy Labs Story, the company that manufactures Ujala Neel, and will know about its founder M.P. Ramachandran ji, how he started this company, or achieved such great success today. Let us also tell you that today the valuation of Jyothy Labs company is Rs 14000 crore.

This is how the idea of Jyothy Labs came about

M.P. Ramchandran hails from the Indian state of Kerala, who started working as an accountant after his post graduation. But since childhood, he wanted to have his own business, and wanted to bring something new and different from the usual in the business.

M.P. Ramachandran (Forbes)

While sitting one day, Ramachandran had the idea to create a new clothes whitener since there wasn’t one available on the market. This would allow him to wash his clothes properly and launch his own business.

From this point on, Ramachandran had the notion to create a new whitener, and in order to carry out his idea, he began producing whitener in his kitchen. During his many attempts at creating whitener, he was never one to give up and, after a few years of diligent work, he discovered a formula that would allow him to introduce a new whitener to the market.

Had borrowed ₹5000 from brother

Ramachandran started his business in the year 1983 in Kerala itself, due to lack of money for much investment, he started a temporary company on his family land. For which he had to borrow Rs 5000 from his brother, but today due to his hard work, this company which started with a loan of Rs 5000 has become worth crores.

He named his company after his daughter Jyoti, which we all know today as Jyothy Labs. At that time, with the help of his experience and formula, he had created Ujala Supreme Liquid Fabric Whitener in his lab, which created a stir as soon as it came in the market.

Goods were offered door to door.

Let us also mention that Ramachandran, the company’s founder, was one of just six employees in the early going, despite his tireless efforts to propel the business forward. These six employees of the company began selling Ujala Supreme Liquid Fabric Whitener door to door after it was manufactured.

Jyoti Labs Story

Due to which, after some time, Ujala Whitener had made its place in the hearts of people and after that people themselves started buying it. This single product brought huge success to Jyothy Labs, due to which they launched many more products in future.

It is currently a Rs 14000 crore company.
Jyothy Labs is now a well-known brand in the liquid fabric industry, thanks to Ramachandran’s years of hard work and dedication. The company’s valuation has surpassed Rs 14000 crore.

Jyoti Labs

Even though MP Ramachandran, the company’s founder, retired today after building the business to a billion rupees, he continues to serve as Chairman. Moothedath Jyothy, Ramachandran’s daughter, is currently CEO of Jyothy Labs.

The reason Ramachandran, the company’s founder, built a multi-million dollar business is because he always had faith in himself and tried again despite failure.

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