Kimmu’s Kitchen Story: This 51 year old woman earns crores of rupees just by selling ghee, read the whole story!

Kimmu’s Kitchen Story

Kimmu’s Kitchen Story

As a result of the numerous startups that are launched every day in our nation, the GDP and economy of our nation are expanding quickly. Furthermore, let us inform you that women comprise between 30 and 35 percent of the founders of these startups. These female startup founders have made significant contributions to our nation’s expanding economy.

Consequently, we are sharing with you today the tale of a 51-year-old female startup founder who built a company valued at crores. We are discussing Kamaljeet Kaur, a resident of Punjab, who began her own business at the age of fifty and currently makes lakhs of rupees a month from it.

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, Kamaljeet Kaur founded Kimmu’s Kitchen, a business that is now valued at crores. Thus, we will read about Kimmu’s Kitchen Story in today’s article and how Kamaljeet Kaur grew her company to be valued at crores. We will also read about the challenges that Kamaljeet Kaur faced when she started her business.

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This is how Kimmu’s Kitchen started

Kamaljeet Kaur

Businesses were closing worldwide during the 2020 Corona epidemic, and people were becoming ill with a variety of illnesses. Since Kamaljeet Kaur was born and raised in Punjab, where there was always an abundance of pure ghee, curd, and milk, she had the idea to launch a business at that time. Kamaljeet Kaur was residing in Mumbai at the time.

However, she had trouble finding fresh milk and ghee when she moved to Mumbai with her family because she could not find high-quality milk or ghee anywhere in Mumbai. In an interview with a news portal, Kamaljeet Kaur added, “I don’t recall ever getting sick as a kid because I was always eating fresh milk, ghee, and green veggies. However, after arriving in Mumbai, I became aware of their absence.

In December 2020, Kamaljeet Kaur founded Kimmu’s Kitchen, a startup that offers fresh, pure milk and ghee to the public, with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.

Gets milk from Punjab to Mumbai

Kamaljeet Kaur

When Kamaljeet Kaur first opened Kimmu’s Kitchen, she would purchase milk from neighborhood vendors to make ghee, but the ghee she made at home did not taste like Punjabi milk. In order to make ghee that had the exact flavor of Punjab from the milk there, he then made the decision to get milk from his birthplace of Ludhiana, Punjab.

After spending several days researching the best way to transport milk from Ludhiana to Mumbai, Kamaljeet began placing direct orders for milk from Ludhiana. Although there are various ways to make ghee, Kamaljeet explained that we make ours using the Bilona method. While most ghee on the market is made from butter or cream, we make ghee directly from curd using the Bilona method.

Ghee made from Bilona is sold for this much.

Let us also inform you that Kamaljit Kaur established the main Bilona ghee-making unit in Ludhiana, from which the majority of the prepared ghee is produced. All of the prepared ghee is then sent to Mumbai for packaging. are requested.

Kamaljeet Kaur

Regarding the cost of the ghee made by Bilona of Kimmu’s Kitchen, they presently sell three varieties of ghee at retail. There are three different sizes of ghee available for purchase: 220 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre. A 220 ml container of ghee costs approximately ₹399, and the cost goes up as the quantity of ghee increases.

Earns Rs 20 lakh per month

Kamaljeet Kaur’s ‘Kimmu’s Kitchen’ has grown into a multi-crore startup today because of her perseverance and faith. Currently, Kimmu Kitchen’s ghee bottles are sold in approximately 45,000 locations nationwide each month, earning Kamaljeet Kaur roughly Rs 20 lakh per month.

Kamaljeet Kaur

Due to Kamaljit Kaur’s sales of ghee worth crores of rupees in just a single year last year, her business is now valued at crores.

We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with some knowledge about Kimmu’s Kitchen Story. Would you kindly spread the word to your friends about Kimmu’s Kitchen Story? Please visit our “Business” page to read more stories similar to this one about business.

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