Nayanthara Net Worth: Nayanthara is the owner of a house worth Rs 100 crores to a private jet, see Nayanthara’s total wealth.

Nayanthara Net Worth

Actress Nayanthara is making headlines these days after making her Bollywood debut in Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan. Nayanthara is a well-known South Indian actress with millions of fans. Nayanthara is one of the most expensive South Indian actresses. Not only that, but Nayanthara’s name has been added to Forbes magazine’s celebrity list, making her the first South actress to do so. The actress is also known for her lavish lifestyle, and today we will tell you about her lavish bungalow and net worth.

Diana Mariam Kurien was Nayanthara’s birth name. She was raised in a Christian household but converted to Hinduism in 2011.

Nayanthara was born in the Indian state of Karnataka. His father was in the Indian Air Force and had to travel all over the country. He spent his childhood in various parts of India, particularly North India. He attended school and college in North India. His brother currently resides in Dubai.

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100 crore house

Nayanthara owns a number of expensive homes throughout the country. His residences are in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, and Mumbai. His Kerala property belongs to his family, and his home in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, is nothing short of a palace. However, she currently resides in a four-bedroom flat in Chennai with her husband, Vignesh Shivan. This flat costs Rs 100 crore and includes a gym, cinema hall, and swimming pool.

Charges crores for advertising

Nayanthara, a South actress, also makes a lot of money from advertisements. Nayanthara, like other top Bollywood actresses, charges at least Rs 5 crore for an advertisement. She also charges between Rs 4 and Rs 7 crore to promote a brand. Nayanthara is a brand ambassador for several companies, including Tata Sky, K Beauty, and Tanishq.

Nayanthara is fond of cars and bags

Nayanthara enjoys expensive cars and handbags. He owns expensive vehicles such as the Mercedes GLS 350D and the BMW 5 Series. She owns several bags by the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton in addition to cars. This brand’s bag costs Rs 6 lakh.

Nayanthara has private jet

Nayanthara is a successful actress whose primary source of income is acting in films and commercials. He used some of his earnings to purchase a private jet for himself. In June 2022, Nayanthara purchased a private jet worth Rs 50 crore. She was seen vacationing in this jet with her husband Vignesh. Several of his photos have gone viral on social media.

beauty brand owner

Nayanthara is a successful businesswoman as well as an actress. She has launched her own lip balm business. Aside from that, he has invested in a variety of other businesses. He recently invested Rs 100 crore in the Chennai-based business ‘Chai Wale’ as well as the UAE oil business.

Nayanthara Net Worth

Nayanthara’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 200 crores. His primary source of income is from acting and film roles. Aside from that, she makes a good living from her own lip balm company and other ventures.

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