New Year Rule 2024: If you make this mistake in 2024, you will have to pay a fine

New Year Rule 2024

Friends, New Year is about to come. This most important year in history, 2023, will end. The government is preparing to make 2023 even better. And keeping this goal in mind, the government has made some changes at many places. If you do not know this and make a mistake, you can be fined.

In this article we have talked about some of its important changes. Which you can change from anywhere.

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New Year Rule 2024

Some important new rules of New Year Rule 2024 which are very important for all citizens of India to know. Along with knowing more, it is very important to bring changes in it also.

Updated ITR Filling (Return File

ITR New Rule: The last date to file Income Tax Return (ITR) was 31 July 2023. Many people who pay taxes have still cleared their files.

Seeing this negligence, the government said that its last date is being kept as 31st December. Despite this, those who do not clear their ITR will have to pay a huge fine in the new year.

Demat Account Nomination (Add Nominee to Demat Account)

Demat Account New Rule : If you also have Demat Account i.e. if you also invest money in the share market. Or do option trading. So you must have a demat account.

The government said that whoever has a demat account should add a nominee in it. Nominee means your heir. If this is not added to your account, you may be fined and your demat account may also be closed.

Sim Card New Rule

Sim Card New Rule : There will be a change in the rules for buying and selling SIM cards. This means that businesses must register with the government before they can sell SIM cards, and they must keep records of who they sell them to. Arrangements will also be made for consumers to provide their identity information while purchasing a SIM card.

UPI Account New Rule

If you have a UPI account called Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, it will be closed from next year. If you have not made payment even once in 2023.

The government has ordered that whoever has not made any money transaction through UPI account even once in 2023, should do so before the end of 2023. Otherwise all such accounts will be closed in 2024.

GST New Rule

GST rate will increase from 8% to 9%. This is the final step in the double rate increase in the 2022 budget. The increase will be effective from January 1, 2024 and businesses will need to be prepared to update their systems and pricing accordingly.

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