Off Air TV Shows List 2023: These 6 TV shows closed in the year 2023, one closed within one and a half months

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

New TV series and shows air daily. While some shows end in closure as a result of failure, others are highly regarded. Numerous serials achieved great popularity even in 2023, but were canceled as a result of some shows’ failure (Off Air TV Shows List 2023). Tell us which 2023 television programs had to be canceled.

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Off Air TV Shows List 2023 – These 6 TV shows will be closed in the year 2023

1. Durga and Charu

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

The television series ‘Durga Aur Charu’ came to an end in a matter of months after it began in December 2008. The TRP dropped as a result of the audience’s distaste for the show’s narrative. The musical told a special tale of love and music.

2. Molkki 2

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

“Molkki 2,” which starred Vidhi Yadav and Ashish Kapoor in the key parts, was supposed to premiere on television in February 2023. However, the show was canceled after just 1.5 months because the public did not enjoy it.

3. Sherdil Shergil

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

The television program “Sherdil Shergil” was scheduled to premiere in 2022, but it was unable to last long and ended in February of this year. Even though it had a lot of well-known celebrities in it, the plot fell flat. Despite the role’s drama, the show was unable to draw an audience.

4. Story Untold

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

At first, the Sony TV series “Katha Ankahi” did very well, but later on, viewers did not enjoy it and it did not receive TRP. It will therefore close in December. There was no development in this show’s plot. People stopped watching this show because of this.

5. Meet

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

November 20 of this year marked the end of the over two-year TV serial “Meet.” At first, the serial appealed to viewers because it told the tale of a tomboyish girl. However, the story of the character’s next generation began to be shown in the serial later on, which the public found objectionable.

6. Madam Sir

Off Air TV Shows List 2023

A comedy-action TV series called Maddam Sir debuted on Sony SAB in 2020 and was subsequently available on Sony Liv. But it was shut down in 2023 as a result of low viewership. In this serial, the lead actors were Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Naik, and Bhavika Sharma.

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