Pension Scheme Update: Now pension will start starting from 50 years, not 60, a big gift from the government on New Year

Pension Scheme Update

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren stated that we are going one step further by lowering the age limit for tribal and Dalit beneficiaries to 50 years. The government currently manages the Universal Pension Scheme. So please inform us of the full details of the government’s new pension scheme.

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Pension Scheme Update: Old Age Pension

Hemant Soren, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, has announced a large gift for people from the SC, ST, OBC, and tribal categories. He stated that the age limit for old age pension for those in these categories will be reduced from 60 to 50 years soon.

Soren made the announcement at a program commemorating the fourth year of the government at Morhabadi Ground in Ranchi. ‘Our neighboring states like Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal give monthly pensions of Rs 250 to Rs 300 to senior citizens, but we give pensions of Rs 1000,’ he explained.

75 percent jobs will also be reserved by the government

Aside from that, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren stated that his government will reserve 75% of jobs in state-owned enterprises.

In 2019, Hemant Soren’s government was formed in the state of Jharkhand, and this government began pension service for various categories of people, resulting in a 200% increase in the number of pensioners. The government provides pensions to people in five categories and has spent Rs 2,400 crore this fiscal year.

Government also distributed appointment letters

Chief Minister Soren stated that we are going one step further and lowering the age limit for tribal and Dalit community beneficiaries to 50 years. The government currently manages the Universal Pension Scheme. This provides a monthly pension to senior citizens, the disabled, single women, and widowed women.

On this occasion, 662 lab technicians were also given appointment letters. Aside from that, appointment letters were distributed to over 300 health department officials and trained graduate teachers. The CM laid the foundation stone and inaugurated several projects worth Rs 4500 crore on this occasion.

How can one take benefit of pension?

The Hemant Soren government has stated that anyone wishing to participate in this old age pension scheme must be a resident of Jharkhand. Aside from that, he should not be considered a tax payer. Aside from that, he should not be receiving any other pension other than the old age pension. If he meets all of these requirements, he is eligible for this pension.

How many people will get pension

More than 3.45 lakh beneficiaries were receiving Old Age Pension Scheme benefits in Jharkhand as of 31 December 2019, with the number expected to rise to 14.25 lakh beneficiaries by March 2023. The number of vulnerable tribal group pension recipients increased from 52,336 to 70,577.

In contrast, the number of women receiving destitute women’s pensions has increased from 1.72 to 3.79 lakh. The number of HIV AIDS patients who have benefited from this has also increased from 3375 to 5778. In contrast, the number of people receiving disability benefits has increased from 87,796 to 2.44 lakh.

What is the pension budget?

The state government has received Rs 69,722 crore in central assistance for this scheme, according to the CAG report. 40% of this revenue has gone toward salaries, allowances, pensions, and interest payments on loans for development projects.

The Jharkhand government spent Rs 13,979 crore on salary allowances, Rs 7,614 crore on pension payments, and Rs 6,286 crore on interest in fiscal year 2021-22.

Number of beneficiaries increased to 36 lakh

According to the changes made by the Chief Minister in the pension scheme, tribals and Dalits in the state will be eligible for pension as soon as they reach the age of 50. The government explained the decision by stating that the death rate in this community is high.

They are still unemployed after 60 years. Soren claimed that in the 20 years following the formation of Jharkhand state in 2000, only 16 lakh people received pension benefits. However, the government has increased the number of recipients to 36 lakh. Widows over the age of 18 and disabled people are among those eligible.

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