Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction: Pooja Bhatt completes 7 years of quitting alcohol, shared post on social media

Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction

Pooja Bhatt is a well-known Bollywood actress. He has appeared in numerous films, including Daddy, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi, Sadak, and others. However, a difficult period in his personal life occurred when he became addicted to alcohol.

Pooja quickly realized that alcohol was ruining her life. As a result, he decided to give up alcohol in 2016. He had to make a difficult decision, but he did so.

Pooja Bhatt recently completed seven years of alcohol abstinence (?Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction). He took to social media to commemorate the occasion. In this post, he explained how difficult it was for him to quit drinking, but also how he did it.

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Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction – Pooja Bhatt was seen celebrating after giving up alcohol addiction

Pooja Bhatt frequently discusses her life, including her alcohol addiction. He stopped drinking in 2016, and today he celebrated 7 years of sobriety on his Instagram account and shared the post on social media.

Pooja Bhatt recently uploaded some photos to her Instagram account. She’s sitting in the sun in these photos. Pooja captioned these photos, “When things become difficult, hard surrender must be done.” It’s been seven years since I stopped drinking.”

Pooja went on to say, “It’s been a long and difficult journey, but it’s one I’m proud of.” I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me get here.

Pooja also offered advice to those suffering from alcoholism. You are not alone, she said, if I can give up alcohol, you can too.

Said this about alcohol addiction

Pooja Bhatt talked about her battle with alcohol addiction on Bigg Boss. He admitted to having a drinking problem and resolved to stop.

Pooja admitted that she used to openly consume alcohol. When he realized he needed to give up alcohol, he wondered why he should keep it hidden. “I thought if I was going to give up alcohol, I would do it openly,” she explained. “Why should I remain hidden?”

Pooja stated that many people had referred to her as an alcoholic, but she clarified that she is a recovering alcoholic. According to him, an alcoholic is someone who refuses to fight his addiction. I’m fighting, which is why I’m an alcoholic in recovery.

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