Railway Ticket Booking: If you book ticket For Someone Else then you may have to go to jail! Read full details

Railway Ticket Booking

Railway Ticket Booking

Use WhatsApp to book Metro tickets now!These days, practically everything is done online. You can order your favorite takeout while lounging at home, or you can shop for anything you want. Owing to the recent surge in popularity of online shopping, the majority of people now use their phones to book their train tickets.

As a result, they can purchase train tickets without having to wait in line. But because they are ignorant of the regulations governing the purchase of train tickets, many people are breaking them as a result of this quickly expanding trend.

If you purchase train tickets online, you should be aware that an IRCTC ID is required for the booking process. We can obtain a free IRCTC personal ID by visiting Indian Railways’ official website. However, did you know that using your IRCTC ID to purchase tickets for other people could land you in jail?

If you purchase tickets for other people, you might have to go to jail: Railway Ticket Booking

We frequently use our IRCTC ID to purchase train tickets for friends and other people, but the Railway Act actually makes this illegal. Only official agents and those chosen by the Railways are permitted to book train tickets on behalf of others, as per Section 143 of the Railway Act 1989.

Aside from this, it will be illegal and punishable by law if a common person uses his or her own IRCTC ID to purchase tickets on behalf of others.

The penalty may last for a very long time.
If someone is found using his personal ID to book a train ticket for any other destination, they could face up to three years in prison.

In addition, a person may face a fine of up to Rs 10,000 and, in extreme cases, both imprisonment and a fine.

Who can use their personal IRCTC ID to book tickets?

Railway Ticket Booking

You may be wondering for whom you can book tickets if you are unable to do so with your own IRCTC ID.

For your information, let us inform you that you can use your personal ID to purchase train tickets for yourself. In addition, you can use this ID to purchase tickets for anyone with whom you are related by blood or who shares your last name. However, booking tickets for any other purpose than these will be prosecuted.

Let us also remind you that an IRCTC Personal ID can only be used to book a maximum of 12 tickets per month.

Friends, you have committed a crime if you have been using your ID to book train tickets for other people up until this point. You need to be aware of this going forward. We hope that this article’s explanation of railway ticket booking was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a train ticket online?
Use websites like Paytm, IRCTC Rail Connect, and others to purchase train tickets online.

Is it possible to book Tatkal railway tickets online?
Yes, you can quickly book train tickets online.

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