Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper: The Exam Result For The Laborer’s Daughter Was 600 Out Of 600!

Tamil Nadu 12th board exam topper

You have probably heard in the education department about numerous kids who excelled in exams and received first-class grades. However, everyone was taken aback by the results of the 12th board exam in Tamil Nadu this year.

Everyone was taken aback by the board exam results this year when they were made public by the Tamil Nadu government. This year’s winner of the Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam is S Nandhini, a resident of the state’s Dindigul district.

This year, S Nandhini topped the Tamil Nadu 12th board exam, surprising everyone with her results as she received the highest marks. In addition, his tale is sure to motivate you, so read on for more about the top scorer in the Tamil Nadu 12th board exam in today’s post.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper

Got 600 marks out of 600 in the result:

Top performer in the Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam, S Nandhini, received full marks in every subject during this year’s exam. S Nandhini studied computer applications, economics, commerce, accountancy, Tamil, and English in her 12th grade year.

Everyone was taken aback when the results were announced because he had received a perfect score of 100 in every subject. He received a perfect score of 100% in his 12th grade year as a result.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper

Father works as a laborer

Let us inform you that S Nandhini is the current top scorer in the Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam. In addition to being a laborer, his father’s living circumstances are subpar. Nandhini, however, triumphed over the whole Tamil Nadu and brought honor to her family in spite of these things.

After learning of the results, Nandhini’s father was ecstatic and proud of his daughter for receiving 100% of the possible points in Tamil Nadu.

Want to become Auditor

Several Tamil News TV channels have interviewed her since she emerged victorious in the Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam. Nandhini stated during her interview that she aspires to work for the government and as an auditor in the future.

Aside from this, allow us to inform you that, according to the results of the Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam, 96% of girls and 91% of boys passed the test.

This is why S Nandhini got 100% marks

Nandhini said in an interview with the news channel that she had answered a lot of the questions from the previous year in addition to studying every day. Other than this, she completed all of her class tests with excellence, which is how she was able to receive a perfect score on the test.

Aside from this, he advised all students to work hard because anyone can achieve good grades with hard work.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper Overview

Name S. Nandhini
Exam Class 12 board exams
Annamalaiar Mills Girls Higher Secondary School, Dindigul

Score 600/600

Subjects with Centum Scores Economics, Tamil, English, Accountancy, Commerce, Computer Application, Tamil
Field of Study Commerce

Aspiration Pursue Chartered Accountancy; Consider civil services exam in the future

Support System Supportive family; No pressure from parents or teachers
Parent’s Perspective Saravana Kumar, father: Proud of her academic achievements; Hopes for her success in future

School’s View Headmistress Akila A.: Expected Nandhini to excel; Commends her academic and extracurricular involvement

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