The Most Lovely Places To Visit In South Korea

The Most Lovely Places To Visit In South Korea

The Most Lovely Places To Visit In South Korea

South Korea was once considered a developing country, but now it is one of Asia’s economic and cultural leaders. It has a culture and a history that goes back 5,000 years. It is known for its economic growth and technological advances and is a perfect example of what a country and its people can do. It still does a lot of the things it used to do. It has a distinct culture that brings in a lot of tourists.

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Gyeongbokgung palace

The major palace of the Joseon dynasty was once the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The patterns and colors in the palace are lively and bright. Gyeongbokgung Palace is where the National Folk Museum is located. It talks about a show about how people used to live in old Korea. People can spend time walking around the pavilions, halls, and gardens.

Changdeokgung Palace

A single stone wall splits the Changdeokgung and Changgyeongung palaces. They are among Korea’s oldest, most powerful, and most beautiful symbols. The Changdeokgung Palace is on the list of World Heritage Sites. As traditional in Korea, the palace and its gardens were built to fit their surroundings. It has many different kinds of plants, some more than 300 years old.

Korea Furniture Museum in Seongbuk-gu

This museum is made up of ten traditional Korean Hanok houses. It has more than 2,000 different pieces of old furniture. The museum keeps trying to get people worldwide interested in furniture from Korea. The Hanok shows how beautiful the outside is and how important tradition is. The furniture in a hanok shows how beautiful Korean culture is.

Seongnagwon Garden

The only traditional Korean garden still standing in Seoul is Seongnagwon Garden. The small stream inside this garden pools in 2 ponds as it flows down the slope toward the front door. The garden is set up traditionally, letting each beautiful location stand out.

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Korea’s National Museum

Here is South Korea’s biggest museum. On the grounds of the museum, there are numerous natural things to see. The building’s design is inspired by conventional Korean architecture but has been revised to look more modern. On the museum’s three floors are things from Korea’s past and present.

Cheonggyecheon stream

The beauty of nature is brought right into the middle of the city by the Cheonggyecheon Stream. The stream was made of concrete at once, and a highway was built on top of it. It has unique bridges and paths with stepping stones that each have meaning.

BukchonHanok Village

BukchonHanok Village was built during the Joseon Dynasty. It is near some of the most well-known palaces in Seoul. This village was home to important people, and almost all the houses still look the same as they did back then. The village is built on top of a hill and is one of the most visited places in Seoul.

Zaha Hadid Architects put together the Dongdaemun design plaza.

This plaza was constructed to preserve the site’s past and combine newly found history into landscape design based on the historic walled city and its history. This outside scenery makes Seoul look greener. It has holes and folds on its surface that let you observe its modern design.

Starfield coex Library

In the center of Starfield Coex Mall is the famous Starfield COEX Library. Four impressive bookcase columns 13 meters tall occupy 28,000 square feet of space on two floors. They have more than 600,000 magazines and more than 50,000 books. It seems to be placed on reading, giving speeches, and having meetings.

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Namsan Tower

This tower was built in 1969 on top of Mount Namsan in the middle of Seoul as a communication tower. It can be hard to get there, but the viewpoints are amazing. We can view Seoul’s most well-known sights on the tower’s four observation decks. The tower is the tallest building in Seoul; you can see it all around the city from the top.

Lotte World Tower

The different interior program spaces were made to resemble traditional Korean art forms. The building can be used for more things than the average tall building. The public uses the top 10 floors of a building for fun. On these floors, there is a place to look out over the city and a rooftop café.

APEC House

In 2005, for the Leaders’ Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, the Nurimaru APEC House was built. Now, it is a museum. Since the 2005 meeting, the house has been turned into a museum. The building is on the southern end of Dongbaekseom Island, a forested peninsula on the edge of Haeundae Beach.

UN Memorial Cemetery

The UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea remembers UN soldiers from 16 countries and UN aid workers from 5 countries who died in battle during the Korean War, which remained from 1950 to 1953. This park is 135,000 square meters of flat grassland, which is very quiet.

Shinsegae is the world’s largest department store.

The Guinness Book of World Records tells that Shinsegae Centum City is the biggest department shop in the world. The center is 500,000 square meters and has dozens of luxurious shops and restaurants. There are several movie theaters, an ice rink, and a driving range for golf in the center.

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