Exploring Value: Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars in India – More Features and Enhanced Safety Systems at a Budget-Friendly Price

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars in India

India’s top 5 reasonably priced ADSA cars: The automobile market in India stands as the third largest globally. India is home to many of the top automakers, whose automobiles are still in great demand on the domestic market. Aside from this, the Indian car industry is expanding steadily, and as a result, safety system upgrades are happening at the same time as increased vehicle features.

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

The low-cost cars on the Indian market are starting to come equipped with ADAS technical features, which were previously exclusive to luxury cars. We’re going to tell you about the Top 5 Reasonably Priced ADAS Vehicles in India in this post. This post is intended for individuals who are considering purchasing a new vehicle.

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars in India

Hyundai Venue
Cost: between Rs. 12.44 and Rs. 13.48 lakh

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars (Hyundai Venue)

The Hyundai Venue is ranked #1 among the Top 5 Affordable ADAS Vehicles. It is classified as a sub-compact SUV in the Indian market. Hyundai Venue is the only car in the segment to offer ADAS technology at the lowest cost in India, despite the presence of many excellent models.

In the Indian market, Hyundai Venue is available in five different configurations. which only offers ADAS technology in its top variant, SX O. Hyundai Smart Sense technology, a Level 1 ADAS system, is available for it. In addition, a 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine producing 120 horsepower and 172 Nm of torque is available with ADAS technology.

Along with lane departure warning, lane return, line maintain, driver attention warning, high beam assist, and forward vehicle departure warning, Level 1 ADAS technology also provides forward and rear collision avoidance.

MG Astor
Rs 16.24 lakh to Rs 18.69 lakh

Mg Astor – Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

The vehicle that introduced ADAS technology to the Indian market and to the general public was the MG Astor. The first reasonably priced vehicle with ADAS technology at the time is the MG Astor. Level two Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features available on the MG Astor include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane return, lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, high beam assist, and rear cross traffic alert.

There are five different MG Astor models available in India, but only the Sharp and Sevvy models come with ADAS technology. These two are the premium versions. Aside from this, ADAS is compatible with both engine choices.

Honda Elevate
Price Rs 14.85 lakh to Rs 21.24 lakh

Honda Elevate – Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

In the Indian market, the Honda Elevate ranks third among the Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars. Only the top-tier ZX model of Honda elevators is equipped with ADAS technology. Nevertheless, ADAS technology is not available in its base models. Level two ADAS technology is also available for the standard Honda City.

The 1.5-liter gasoline engine powering the Honda Elevate produces 145 Nm of torque and 121 bhp. The Honda City also uses the same engine option.

Hyundai Verna
Price Rs 16.19 lakh to Rs 17.38 lakh

Hyundai Verna – Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

The Hyundai Verna facelift was first offered in the Indian market a while back. The Hyundai Verna has been redesigned and is equipped with level two ADAS technology. Nevertheless, ADAS technology is exclusive to the top-tier Hyundai Verna variant; it is not available in lower-tier models.

Level 2 ADAS features on the Hyundai Verna include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, automatic lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, lane return, and lane keeping. High beam assist, driver attention alert, unusual cross traffic alert, and departure from safe line are among the features.

The Hyundai Verna’s 1.5-liter gasoline engine is the only one that offers ADAS technology. The other engine option is available with an automatic gearbox

Honda City
Price 12.50 Lakh to 16.10 Lakh

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

The Honda City is ranked number two among the Top 5 Affordable ADAS Vehicles. As of right now, it’s the first sedan in the Indian market to have ADAS technology. Aside from this, the Honda City is a fantastic sedan that is available in four different variants for the Indian market. With the exception of the original version, all ADAS technology variants are available to you.

Level two ADAS features available on the Honda City include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring system, lane departure warning, lane return, and front and rear collision avoidance. There is Automatic High Beam Assist and Blind Spot Collision Assist available.

Honda City is offered with a 1.5 liter petrol engine that generates 121 bhp and 145 Nm of torque, this engine comes with 6 speed manual and CVT transmission.

Many of these cars with affordable ADAS technology will be available in the Indian market in the near future.

Top 5 Affordable ADAS Cars

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