Viral Video: Boy did a strange dance on Haryanvi song, video went viral!

Viral Video

Friends, as you are all aware, wedding season is in full swing across India. Weddings are taking place all over India. Marriages feature the fierce dance of an Atrangi dancer. Every day, we see cases on the internet where someone is doing an unusual dance at a wedding or eating food in an unusual manner.

The case of a wedding dancer is currently going viral on the internet. Whether it’s Indian dancers or those who cause havoc on the dance floor, their videos go viral on social media, but we’ve seen one dancer whose performance has people saying that the guy should skip the gym in order to attend the wedding. When he discovered it, he began working out on the dance floor itself. You’ll laugh as you see this guy’s unique dance step and say that such confidence comes only after being pegged.

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Viral Video

Started doing something else instead of dancing

This video is only 28 seconds long and shows her boldly dancing on the public dance floor. In this crowd, there is a man wearing a coat and pants who is performing such actions that the onlooker is taken aback. Actually, this guy is seen exercising in the name of dancing. When they see her strange dance, social media users are not only surprised but also filled with laughter.

This amusing video was shared by Twitter user @desimojito. While posting, he wrote in the caption, “When going to the wedding, don’t go to the gym.” After watching this video, the public cannot stop laughing. This video has received approximately four lakh views on the internet to date, with numerous comments.

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