Wow Momos Success Story: This man made a company worth ₹2000 crore by just selling Momos, read the whole story!

Wow Momos Success Story

Wow Momos Success Story

This man made a company worth ₹2000 crore by just selling Momos, read the whole story!: It seems like there are new startup success stories in the Indian startup scene every day. Today, we’ve shared one of these stories with you, one that will inspire you greatly.

There are many different kinds of food available to eat nowadays in our country, India, including Chinese and South Indian cuisine. You’ve probably heard of momos in Chinese cuisine; due to the growing popularity of these dishes, momos are now offered for sale on every street and in every city’s neighborhood.

However, have you considered the potential earnings from selling Momos? If not, allow us to inform you that someone in the Indian startup scene has built a ₹ 2000 crore Momos company solely by selling Momos.

The individual with whom we are discussing is Sagar Daryani, the founder of Wow Momos. We will read about the Wow Momos Success Story in today’s article and discover how this individual created a business valued at ₹ 2000 crores solely by selling Momos.

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Started business with just ₹30,000

Wow Momos Success Story

On August 29, 2008, Sagar Daryani founded Wow Momos in Kolkata. Sagar initially invested just ₹ 30,000 to launch this Momos business from a small stall. When Sagar was just 21 years old and in his final year of college, he had plans to launch this business.

At that point, Sagar also involved Binod Homogai, a friend from college, in this venture, and the two of them got to work. Since Sagar and Binod didn’t know how to make momos at first, they hired a cook to start making them at their stand.

Both Sagar and Binod called their booth Wow Momos. At first, they did not receive a lot of positive feedback, but eventually, their stall began to receive positive feedback.

Parents did not support

Sagar was not at all prepared for his father’s reaction when he told him about his plan to launch his Momos company, and no one in the family encouraged him. Sagar was even made fun of by his father, who said, “Now my son will sell Momo!”

Wow Momos Success Story

However, despite all of these obstacles and the absence of family support, Sagar persisted in launching his business, and he and his friend Binod eventually opened a momos booth.

Had to face many difficulties

Wow Momos Success Story

Sagar and Binod did not make much money when they first opened their Momos Stall, and for the first two years they did not even receive outside funding to grow their business.

However, they both persisted in their efforts and tried new strategies to grow their company. For example, they had t-shirts made with the name of their company, and they wore it everywhere they went to let people know about it. able to obtain knowledge regarding.

In addition, he offered free samples of his momos to patrons so they could purchase them later. In order to attract more customers to their stall, they also began to offer a wide variety of momos, such as Tandoori momos and Fried momos.

Today we have created a company worth ₹ 2000 crores.

Wow Momos began as a small stall, but Sagar and Binod gradually expanded it into a shop-like outlet. Eventually, Wow Momos began to offer outlet franchises throughout India and the rest of the world. Over 800 of their stores have opened as of right now in 26 Indian states.

Wow Momos Success Story

According to Wow Momos’ sales data, the company currently sells more than 6 lakh Momos. The Wow Momos company has raised approximately $68.5 million in funding from investors thus far, and as a result, its current valuation exceeds Rs 2000 crore.

The reason Wow Momos and its founder, Sagar Daryani, were successful is that they never wasted time worrying about what other people would think of them or treated their work as insignificant.

We hope that this article has provided you with some insight into the Wow Momos success story. Please continue to visit our website to read more startup-related stories.

FAQ: Incredible Momos’s Triumph

Who founded Wow Momos?
Sagar Daryani, an Indian college student from the state of Kolkata, founded Wow Momos.

What is the cost of a Wow Momos franchise?
The franchise fee for Wow Momos is ₹25,000 + GST.

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