Aashka Goradia Success Story: In Just Two Years, This Girl Went From Acting To Building A Rs 800 Crore Company!

Aashka Goradia Success Story

Only a small percentage of new actors and actresses who enter the Bollywood and TV serial industries each year go on to achieve success. However, most people have other tasks to complete.

You have probably read a number of business success stories where a student built a company valued at crores of dollars or where an elderly person built a successful company. However, we have a success story for you today. A TV actress chose to give up acting to pursue a career in business, and as a result, she built a company that is currently valued at billions of rupees.

Today, we’re going to discuss the success story of Aashka Goradia, a well-known TV actress who has acted in numerous serials. However, he gave up acting today and founded a business valued at crores. Thus, you will read about Aashka Goradia’s success story, her decision to give up acting, and Created A company worth Crores

Took a break from acting and started her own business: Aashka Goradia Success Story

Aashka Goradia’s Success Story

Popular TV serial actress Aashka Goradia bid adieu to her acting career in 2019 and entered the business world. Aashka left acting to launch Renee Cosmetics with her college pals Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah because she had always wanted to launch her own company.

The most crucial factor was that Aashka experienced greater business success than she did in the performing industry. In this business, she introduced numerous cosmetics under the Renee Cosmetics brand, which was well-received by consumers. These are the explanations for why Aashka Goradia was successful so quickly.

Created a company worth Rs 800 crore in just two years

In 2020, Aashka Goradia and her friends founded Renee Cosmetics, and within the first year of operation, she began making millions of rupees. Let us inform you that in just two years, Aashka’s business, Renee Cosmetics, was valued at $100 million, or roughly Rs 800 crore.

Renee Cosmetics Company’s goal is to generate approximately Rs 400 crore in revenue by 2024, according to an interview with one of the company’s associates, Priyank Shah, as reported by DNA. Currently, his business offers over 200 cosmetics items.

Renee Cosmetics sells all of its products online and through physical stores. Their goods are offered for sale online at sites like Nykaa, Amazon, and Flipkart, among others. There are currently over 600 offline stores as well.

Renee Cosmetics Funding Report

Startups investors have also given Aashka money to grow her company. Regarding the financing report for Renee Cosmetics, in total, four rounds of funding totaling roughly $36 million have been raised by the company from investors.

If we discuss the current valuation of Renee Cosmetics, we find that it is valued at approximately $100 million more. In addition, this company makes millions of rupees in profit each year.

Aashka Goradia Success Story Overview

Aashka Goradia’s Success Story

Aashka has achieved greater success in business than in acting in the present era, and many actresses from Bollywood and TV serials cannot match her current income.

Aspect Details

Name Aashka Goradia

Background Started career as a child actress in TV shows, including “Achanak 37 Saal Baad”

TV Shows – Bhabhi – Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan – Kayaamat – Kkusum – Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Daayan

Career Shift Started her own production company in 2016

Entrepreneurial Venture Established Renee Cosmetics in 2019

Product Line Cosmetic and skincare brand offering makeup products and accessories
Brand Headquarters Ahmedabad, India

Company Size 50 employees, small number of partners

Success Factors – Emphasis on diverse skill sets in hiring – High-quality products – Strong branding

Support System Family and friends provided crucial support for her entrepreneurial journey

We hope that this article has given you some knowledge about the Aashka Goradia Success Story. Please visit our “Business” page to read more articles of a similar nature.

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