Abhinav Singh Success Story: Left Microsoft job, Started His Own Flower Startup

Abhinav Singh Success Story

The beginning of Abhinav Singh is in the Uttar Pradesh in village of Chilbila, Azamgarh. Up until he was hired by Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world, and returned home to start a flower farm. Abhinav Singh’s success story is undoubtedly motivating.

The beginning of Abhinav Singh’s success story was his return home from Microsoft.

Abhinav Singh Success Story

2014 saw Abhinav Singh return to India. However, he didn’t return empty-handed; rather, he had a wealth of knowledge and experience from his time spent working for a major tech company like Microsoft. He spent some time working at Microsoft Gurgaon after arriving in India from overseas. But he was unaffected by the lavish lifestyles and high salaries of the corporate world. Because he was being tormented by his inner voice and his desire to accomplish something special on his own. He then made the decision to pursue a career that would both make him happy at work and allow him to positively influence the lives of those around him. Then he launches his new venture.

A Turn in the Abhinav Singh Story: Initiated Gerbera Farming

Abhinav Singh Success Story

Abhinav made the self-believing decision to start gerbera farming on his family’s land in 2016. In a time when many young people these days are selling their parents’ properties and moving out, Abhinav has set an example by acting differently. Abhinav invested Rs 58,16,000 to build a 4,000 square meter polyhouse with the goal of assisting the nearby farmers and providing them with a new source of income. Seeing such a large sum of money now makes one feel afraid because it was obtained through a bank loan. wherein Abhinav Singh’s intentions were even more powerful despite the extremely high risk.

In Abhinav Singh Success Story, the season of flowers brought income.

Abhinav’s life took a significant turn in February 2021 when his labors in Gerbera farming paid off. This marked the start of a hopeful journey. What had begun as a simple side project had developed into a prosperous company. At that point, Abhinav was making Rs 1.5 lakh a month from this business. Abhinav recently planted new flowers on his farm, and in addition to the flowers, he has given the nearby impoverished farmers jobs. Abhinav offered the people over a hundred jobs. While other large startups and companies are laying off employees, a young man like Abhinav Singh has created a wonderful reason for his own growth and success through his commitment and hard work. has produced a lovely explanation for both his own and others’ growth.

Abhinav Singh Success Story

Abhinav Singh aspires to do more than just succeed financially.

To evaluate Abhinav Singh’s success solely based on financial figures would be completely incorrect. Because the greatest indicator of success is not just your income but also the difference you make in other people’s lives through your work. The gerbera farm operates on the village edge. Because of this, the village as a whole is growing in addition to his business. Abhinav now wishes to expand his work to the surrounding cities and villages rather than just his village.

The success story of Abhinav Singh will inspire people to pursue business.

Abhinav Singh Success Story

where each person is a member of their village. They are traveling to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai while selling land. Most of those folks are young people today. However, if you comprehend Abhinav Singh’s story, one thing becomes clear: you should work hard and learn the material, but only if it is in your head. Take a chance now if you have an idea that you think can become a profitable business.

Growing successfully is a source of tension, and farming entails a lot of sweat equity. However, Abhinav has shown that you can make a prosperous business in farming if you give your passion the proper direction.

Abhinav Singh supports regional agriculture

Abhinav Singh Success Story

Right now, Abhinav Singh’s main objective is to find ways to support regional farming. This is not to say that all you do is grow flowers. Whatever you choose to do, make an effort to advance your village. For Abhinav, nothing brings him greater joy than watching his village flourish.

I understand that working in a corporate setting can be extremely luxurious, but it also comes with pressure to work nonstop and follow instructions from superiors regardless of how one is feeling. You want to follow your passion and launch a profitable business, even if the income is modest, or you want a big job with lots of stress.

Abhinav Singh Success Story

In Abhinav Singh’s success story, he went from working for a large IT company to having the courage and confidence to launch his own company. We are inspired to listen to our inner voice by Abhinav Singh. Even though your income will be lower, you can be sure that working on your passion project will bring you happiness. If you have an idea, act upon it right away to make your vision a reality.

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