Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag: This bag will cost you a 2 BHK flat

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

One name in high-end fashion is Louis Vuitton. She is well-known for breaking new ground in the fashion industry. Today, a Louis Vuitton bag that resembles an airplane (called Dil Thaam Ke Baitho) is valued at over Rs 32 lakh. This is a one-of-a-kind bag composed of coated canvas. There’s more to the Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag than meets the eye. However, this is an exhibition of the superb design and craftsmanship produced by a major brand such as Louis Vuitton.

Bag That Can Fly

Although you won’t actually fly with this bag, you will feel like the winner when you have one. This purse has the shape of an antique airplane. You will find two wings in this bag, just as a plane has two sides and two wings. In addition, the bag’s nose is similar to the plane’s engine, tail, and nose. The bag’s exterior is composed of the renowned monogram canvas by Louis Vuitton. Additionally, this bag’s interior is composed of pricey, soft leather.

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

Idea Of Making A Bag

The goal behind designing this airplane bag was to honor the history of the aviation industry. Air travel was reserved for the wealthy in the past. The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2021 collection includes this bag. The designer of this bag is an American named Virgil Abloh.

Along with the bag, the bank account will also become lighter.

Upon observing the bag, one is left wondering what the creator was thinking to create such an unusual bag. But the cost of this bag is quite high in addition to that. Additionally, the cost is not lower at $39,000, which is equivalent to more than 32 lakhs in today’s currency. (In this case, the bag’s cost will actually go toward your home.)

According to Louis Vuitton it is not just a bag

This Louis Vuitton bag is an artistic work of art as well as a high-end accessory. Although this bag might not seem all that special to the average person, it is a high-quality item that people who enjoy fashion and collecting unusual items from around the globe would undoubtedly want to add to their collection.

Item Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Ebene Monogram Coated Canvas Airplane Bag Silver Hardware, 2021
Interior Material Black textile

Runway Feature
Featured on the runway, look 50, during the 2021 Fall/Winter Menswear Ready-To-Wear collection

Included Accessories
Shoulder strap, luggage tag, handle connector, care card, dust bag

Additional Information
This piece was part of the 2021 Fall/Winter Menswear Ready-To-Wear collection by Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

This bag is unique for those who enjoy fashion.

This bag is designed specifically for those who follow the latest fashion trends and have a habit of keeping an Eye Cathy item in their closet. You will undoubtedly be the center of attention if you handle it with care.

Height 7.09 inches / 18 cm
Width 34.65 inches / 88 cm
Depth 30.71 inches / 78 cm
Handle Drop 3.94 inches / 10 cm
Shoulder Strap Drop Max 21.26 inches / 54 cm
Shoulder Strap Drop Min 17.91 inches / 45.5 cm

The Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag is a truly distinctive piece of luggage that will leave a lasting impression on the fashion industry. You will remember the bag for years to come because of its incredible design and, more importantly, its cost.

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