After Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt becomes victim of deepfake; Shocking video went viral

In the video, Alia Bhatt’s face is edited over that of a different woman and she can be seen sitting on a bed.

Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video

After a viral deepfake video surfaced on social media, which shows Rashmika Mandanna entering an elevator, there is widespread outcry about the misuse of technology and the absence of adequate legal safeguards that have led to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). This harmful use is permitted. thrive. And now, a video of Alia Bhatt with a distorted face has gone viral on social media. In the video, Alia Bhatt’s face is edited over that of a different woman and she can be seen sitting on a bed. In the video, a girl wearing a blue floral, strappy co-ord set shows Alia’s face as she points towards the camera.

Just a few days ago, a deepfake video of Bollywood actress Kajol had surfaced on the internet. In the clip, a woman can be seen changing clothes on camera with Kajol’s face photoshopped. According to fact-checking platform BoomLive, the video is actually from a British social media influencer, who originally shared the clip on TikTok as part of the ‘Get Ready With Me’ trend. In the digitally-crafted video, which is now going viral on social media, Breen’s face has been tampered with and replaced with Kajol’s face, and it is made to look as if the Bollywood actress is flaunting her outfit on camera. Is changing. Katrina Kaif’s action sequence from Tiger 3, where she fights another woman in a towel, was also adapted into her deepfake.

In Rashmika Mandanna’s case, the video was initially shared on Instagram by British Indian influencer Zara Patel, who later reacted to the adapted version. He wrote, “Hello, it has come to my attention that someone has created a deepfake video using my body and the face of a popular Bollywood actress. I have nothing to do with the deepfake video and am deeply disturbed and disturbed by what is happening. I worry about the future of women and girls who now feel even more afraid to put themselves on social media. Please take a step back and fact-check what you see on the internet. Not everything on the Internet is real”.

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