The First Time A Scooter Like This Has Been Introduced In India Is The TVS Creon Electric Scooter.

TVS Creon Electric Scooter

Date of Launch for TVS Creon Electric Scooter

For those of you who, like me, adore TVS Company’s automobiles and eagerly await their release, the company has some exciting news to share. It gives name to its new electric scooter. The TVS Creon is an all-electric scooter package. The bike, which has a gorgeous red and white color scheme, has been spotted testing.

In terms of height, the TVS Creon scooter has a height of 1124 mm. In addition, an 800 mm width is provided. Following the launch of this electric scooter, you will also be able to view the 1733 mm length feature.

Features of TVS Creon Electric

TVS Creon Electric Scooter

Every time the TVS company releases a new vehicle on the market, it does so with excellent features. This scooter is no exception, boasting a large 7-8 inch display along with a plethora of features. This time, the TVS company has also succeeded in achieving the capability of smart watch connectivity, in addition to the convenience of modes and features. This time, the TVS Creon scooter has a tail light in place of a headlight, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Regarding the TVS Creon’s seat, it is spacious at 780 mm. which has room for two people to sit comfortably and plenty of storage underneath the seat for your helmet and other essentials.

In India, TVS Creon Electric was introduced.
Regarding the introduction of the TVS Creon scooter, the company is releasing a teaser of the vehicle while it is still undergoing testing and has recently been displayed at an exhibition in Dubai. The TVS company has informed us that this scooter will be available for purchase by October 2025. will be introduced in every nation, including India.

TVS Creon Electric Scooter

TVS Creon Electric battery

The TVS Creon scooter has three lithium batteries, which require three to seven hours to fully charge. With just one battery charge, you can comfortably ride this scooter for 80 kilometers, and the TVS Creon can travel up to 115 kilometers at its fastest.

Electric Design by TVS Creon

In terms of design, the TVS Creon scooter is outstanding. Its tilt light, which is mounted in front of the handle and gives it a bike-like appearance when it is first released, gives it its most striking appearance.

Rivals of TVS Creon Electric

Speaking of scooters, some models, like the TVS Creon scooter, have a bike-like appearance. specifically, the Ola S1 Pro, which is a scooter that resembles the TVS X electric scooter that has already been introduced to the Indian market.

TVS Creon Electric brakes and suspension

It was discovered during testing that the TVS Creon scooter has two heavy suspensions. Speaking of brakes, you have a rear brake in the back wheel and a disc brake in the front wheel, all of which provide excellent tyre grip.

TVS Creon Electric Scooter

TVS Electric TIRE Creon

During testing, it was noted that the TVS Creon scooter’s 12 inch tubeless tires provided excellent traction on the road, eliminating any chance of slipping.

Cost of TVS Creon Electric

Regarding the cost of this electric scooter, the TVS company has stated that it is anticipated to go on sale for ₹ 1.2 lakh.

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