A Bihar Girl Viral Video Holding Soldier’s Pistol, The SP Acted Swiftly And Handled The Situation Completely!

Bihar Girl Viral Video

Bihar Girl Viral Video

In Bihar, a picture of a soldier and a girl holding a pistol went viral: The internet should be utilized as much as possible in the modern era because failing to do so can negatively impact our personal lives. We have no idea why, but we manage to go viral online for no apparent reason. For the past few months, living evidence of this has been available to us.

The most recent instance of this is the leak of social media celebrity Gungun Gupta’s private video, which quickly gained widespread popularity online and caused the star to deal with numerous issues as well as trolling. Once more, the Bihar case is quickly becoming viral on the internet.

Social media sites like these two are helping to spread the word about the Bihar case online. Many people were interested in this viral video. Without waiting until the end of this article, let’s get started right away if you also want to know the whole truth about this video.

In Bihar, a picture of a cop and a girl holding a pistol went viral.

Actually, the Gopalganj district of Bihar is the source of the video that is currently going viral on the internet. The image of a girl holding a pistol and a soldier in this viral video is spreading quickly.

The image that went viral shows a girl holding a police pistol while taking a selfie. Alongside the girl is a constable, identified as Anil Yadav, who works in the CID team at the Nagar police station. Nirupama Yadav, a staff member at Sadar Hospital, has been recognized as the girl who went viral holding a pistol. This purportedly shows the Durga Puja fair. On November 27, Nirman posted this image to social media. Following that, political The image is becoming very popular.

Bihar Girl Viral Video

This is the whole matter!

Let me tell you that when the police learned about this, Swarn Bharat Prabhat, one of the police, instructed Constable Anil Yadav to start an investigation, put him on the line right away, and requested the city inspector’s report for the investigation.

Allow me to assure you that this entire issue has been handled in its entirety. For police officer Anil Yadav, taking selfies has become very costly. Yukti used a government weapon to take a picture, which she then shared on social media. Anil Yadav, a police officer, was forced to resign in exchange.

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