IAS Deepak Rawat Went Viral: The Way He Reprimanded The Staff Made The Video Go Viral!

IAS Deepak Rawat Went Viral

IAS Deepak Rawat eent Viral

You can become a celebrity in India over night if you want to become famous on the internet. You will need to do something unique from others. On the other hand, some people in India—Don being one example—have made an overnight sensation out of their stupidity.

However, Deepak Rawat is frequently mentioned in social media news these days. People are enjoying watching him a lot because of the way he has been reprimanding his staff. This video is rapidly becoming viral on social media. People are curious about this video’s complete truth. Continue reading to the end of this post if you’re interested in learning the truth about the entire video. So let’s get started right away.

IAS Deepak Rawat went viral

You can see him conducting inspections and reprimanding staff members in this widely shared video. Every day, Deepak Rawat’s writing dominates the media. He has a sizable fan base because he is an IAS officer who is very strict and strict in nature.

IAS Deepak Rawat Went Viral

He is performing an inspection, as seen in the video. He is berating the concerned officials about the trash by the side of the road while they are conducting the inspection. Please explain the entire situation with pictures.

The Whole Story

IAS Deepak Rawat eent Viral

Deepak Rawat is seen chastising the officials during this. The municipality was fined Rs 5,000 by him. “Are you driving in the parking lot or what are you driving?” he inquired after noticing the dirt in the lot. Deepak Rawat recorded information on the trash and leftover food that was strewn about during the inspection.

Deepak Rawat questioned, “What is the account of the garbage coming here?” during the inspection. How much trash was there on what day? Who is in charge of the money if it must go to the municipality and is not for sale? It leaves gradually from this point. What is it that we pay you for, he asked the worker? He also discussed the idea of weighing the trash.

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