Cyclone Biparjoy Hit Gujarat State Of India

Cyclone Biparjoy Hit Gujarat State Of India

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for the coastal areas along the northwest as ‘Biparjoy’ intensifies into a severe cyclonic storm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has convened a meeting to review the situation and has instructed officials to ensure the safe evacuation of people residing in vulnerable locations.

The IMD predicts that the ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’ will move north-northeast and make landfall between Mandvi (Gujarat) and Karachi (Pakistan) by June 15 noon, with wind speeds reaching 125-135 kilometers per hour (kmph), gusting up to 150 kmph.

Key developments include:

Evacuation efforts: Authorities in Gujarat will initiate the evacuation of villages located within 10 kilometers from the coast in the Kutch-Saurashtra districts starting Tuesday. So far, approximately 7,500 people from low-lying areas near the coast have been relocated to safer places, with arrangements made for their accommodation, food, and medical needs. The evacuation will occur in two phases, prioritizing individuals residing closest to the seashore.

Deendayal Port closure: Deendayal Port in Kandla, Kutch district, has been closed, and all boats, crafts, and barges have been secured in designated areas. Additionally, a 24×7 control room has been established, and all workers and fishermen from low-lying areas have been evacuated.

Coast Guard rescue operations: The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has conducted an airlift operation, rescuing 11 personnel from an oil rig near Dwarka, Gujarat. An ICG helicopter safely transported them to a secure location amid strong winds and high tides.

Prime Minister’s directives: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the review meeting, instructed senior officers to ensure the safe evacuation of vulnerable populations and the maintenance of essential services such as power, telecommunications, healthcare, and drinking water. The meeting was attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, senior officials, and representatives from relevant departments.

Rescue and relief preparedness: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Indian Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and Army have positioned teams, equipment, and resources for relief, search, and rescue operations. Surveillance aircraft, helicopters, and disaster relief and medical teams are on standby.

Longest-lasting cyclone in Arabian Sea: Cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ is on course to become the cyclone with the longest lifespan in the Arabian Sea, surpassing the record held by Cyclone Kyarr in 2019. IMD data indicates that since 1965, only two cyclones have crossed the Gujarat coast in June.

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Western Railway adjustments: The Western Railway has made adjustments to train services, short-terminating trains heading towards coastal areas of Gujarat and considering further cancellations. Disaster management rooms, help desks, and relief trains have been established to manage the situation.

Coastal patrol and alerts: The Indian Coast Guard is conducting patrols off the coast of Gujarat, and an orange alert has been issued for the Saurashtra and Kutch coasts. Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has placed authorities on high alert due to the likelihood of ‘Biparjoy’ affecting Sindh’s coastal regions.

As the cyclone approaches, it is crucial for residents in the affected areas to follow evacuation orders and take necessary precautions for their safety and well-being.

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