Himanshi Khurana Breakup: Split from Bigg Boss fame Himashi Khurana and Asim Riaz are aware of the cause.

Himanshi Khurana Breakup

Himanshi Khurana Breakup

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana, the celebrity couple from Bigg Boss 13, are making headlines these days. For the fans of both, some startling news has surfaced. This famous couple is no longer together. For the past few days, there have been rumors that this couple has split up. However, this couple remained silent.

However, this couple has now called it quits (Himanshi Khurana Breakup). since Himanshi Khurana recently disclosed her breakup. They have shared on social media the reasons behind their decision to split up after spending so much time together. It was just recently that this post of his was discussed.

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Himanshi Khurana Breakup – Himanshi-Asim broke up

Himanshi Khurana Breakup

Himanshi revealed on Instagram Stories that despite their best efforts, she and her boyfriend were unable to keep their relationship together. Despite their bad luck, they still love each other. They have thus made the choice to call it quits on their romance.

Himanshi Khurana Breakup – Relationship broken after 4 years

Himanshi Khurana Breakup

Himanshi Khurana, a singer-actress from Punjab, and actor Asim Riaz have broken up. This news deeply saddens the fans of both. They called Asim and Himanshi Asimanshi. For the past few days, rumors have been circulating about their breakup. Ultimately, Himanshi posted a confirmation on social media for these rumors.

On Instagram, Himanshi Khurana posted a message regarding the split. He acknowledged that we are no longer together in this post. We had a great time spending time together. But we aren’t together right now. We had a positive relationship journey and are now progressing in our lives. We are sacrificing our love because of our differing religious understandings, even as we respect our respective religions. We have nothing against one another. Please be mindful of our privacy.

Himanshi Khurana Breakup

Asim and Himanshi’s love story

Asim and Himanshi got together in the Bigg Boss 13 house. They grew closer to one another and confessed their love for one another on television during this show. In this show, Himanshi had brought a wild card entry. ‘Asimanshi’ was the nickname given by fans to this pair. Throughout the season, Asim flirted with Himanshi, having fallen in love with her. The pair continued to be spotted together even after leaving the Bigg Boss house.

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