Tushar Jain Success Story: From Selling Bags On The Street To Creating An Empire Worth ₹250 Crore

Tushar Jain Success Story

Businessman Tushar Jain came to Mumbai and started a big bag company called High Spirit from humble beginnings. Mumbai’s busy streets are a place where people’s dreams frequently collide with the harsh reality of life. We will learn about Tushar Jain’s inspirational journey in this blog post. His journey from a street vendor to a ₹250 crore bag empire is an intriguing one, friends. And tell us how he accomplished it.

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A simple beginning on the streets of Mumbai

Tushar Jain Success Story

Tushar Jain’s family experienced difficult circumstances during his early years, which caused him to struggle financially. Tushar and his father began selling bags on the streets of Bombay in order to provide for their family. This turned out to be a game-changer for him because he realized how flawed the bag market was as a business concept.

Tushar Jain started a bag manufacturing business

Tushar Jain, who sold bags on the streets of Mumbai, built a company worth Rs 250 crore with his hard work

Despite his personal circumstances, Tushar established a bag manufacturing unit. and broadened the purview of his bag company. The bag manufacturing plant was operating profitably by 2007, with Tushar Jain reporting a profit of Rs 25 crore. Tushar’s business took a new turn after he was no longer restricted to a single empty bag unit.

High Spirit Commercial Ventures launched

Tushar Jain Success Story

Tushar Jain made a significant move in 2012 when he established High Spirit Commercial Ventures. His business, High Spirit, is always quality-focused. However, in addition to being of high quality, their products are reasonably priced and do not put a strain on consumers’ wallets.

By broadening the range of products offered by his company, he targets the younger demographic with the Hashtag brand. and TraWorld, a high-end line of travel luggage. In addition, there’s a company named Priority that specializes in making umbrellas. In this way, they have introduced new brands by being aware of every need of the populace.

Dealing with market challenges and moving forward

Indians are extremely sensitive to price. They should be able to afford the best product, though. Tushar Jain was well aware that discounting has become ingrained in everyone. As a result, they produced excellent goods at reasonably priced prices.

The digital era and branding

Tushar Jain understood the role that digital platforms play in the expansion of businesses. To reach the new age market and promote High Spirits, they made use of digital channels. He appointed renowned Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor as his brand ambassador in order to enhance the company’s branding.

Impact of Tushar Jain’s business

More than five hundred artisans now have jobs thanks to Tushar ji. Other than this, 500 people are employed by his company. Tushar Jain uses the influence of his work to support the nation’s small business owners. And subsequently, these business owners serve as their distributors. This has allowed his company’s products to reach both small and large cities in India. Currently, Tushar Jain’s business produces between 30,000 and 35,000 bags of units daily.

Year Milestone
1999 Started trading in Surat with 300 retailers

2002 Moved to Mumbai for pan-Indian market

2006 Launched in-house brand ‘Priority’

2007 Established as a well-established unit

2012 Official beginning of High Spirit Commercial Ventures

2014 Production capacity reached 10,000 to 20,000 bags/day

2017 Launched Traworld and Hashtag, revenue at Rs 250 crore

Target of ₹1,000 crore

Target of ₹1,000 crore

Speaking about High Spirits’ future plans, Tushar Jain stated that the company is moving forward with the goal of reaching the ₹ 1,000 crore turnover figure in the upcoming five years. In the Bivandi neighborhood of Mumbai, he recently constructed a sizable 1.31 lakh square foot factory that will be able to produce backpacks in bulk. In addition, Tushar Jain plans to construct a sizable manufacturing complex in Patna, Bihar, in the near future. which allowed them to set a goal of producing 25 lakh bags annually.

The transformation of Tushar Jain from a street vendor to the ₹250 crore owner of a bag company is a testament to his perseverance and resolute determination. In addition to serving as an example of successful entrepreneurship, High Spirits Commercial Ventures offers hope to those who aspire to be in the business world. The tale of High Spirits encourages us all to dream large and keep going in the face of adversity, as Tushar grows his business to unprecedented heights.

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