ICC Decision: 60 Seconds Between Overs; 5-Run Penalty for Every 3 Delays

ICC Decision: 60 Seconds Between Overs; 5-Run Penalty for Every 3 Delays

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has implemented a penalty system for delayed overs. Bowling teams will now have a time limit of 60 seconds between overs, and if there are three delays in an inning, the batting team will incur an additional five runs.

This decision, made during the ICC board meeting in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, will be effective on a trial basis from December to April next year.

The use of a clock will regulate the time taken between overs. If the bowling team is not ready to start the next over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over, a penalty of five runs will be imposed for the third instance of such delay in an inning.

ICC also announced changes to pitch and outfield monitoring rules, including simplification of criteria for pitch assessment. Additionally, a cap of increasing the penalty limit from five demerit points to six has been added over a five-year period.

Gender Eligibility Criteria

After a nine-month consultation process with stakeholders, the ICC has approved new eligibility rules for international cricket. The policy is based on principles prioritizing the integrity, safety, impartiality, and inclusion of women’s sports, meaning any female participant who has undergone any form of male puberty, despite surgery or gender transition treatment, is not eligible for international women’s cricket.

Review of the regulations will be conducted within two years, especially concerning domestic-level gender eligibility, which may be influenced by local laws. The ICC Chief Executive, Geoff Allardice, stated that the changes are scientifically based and aligned with the principles developed during the review.

Allardice emphasized the importance of inclusivity in sports but clarified that their top priority is safeguarding the integrity of international women’s cricket and ensuring the safety of the players.

Support for Women Umpires

ICC expressed support for a plan to expedite the development of women match officials, proposing equal pay for male and female ICC umpires in both men’s and women’s cricket. Additionally, from January 2024, ensuring a neutral umpire in every ICC Women’s Championship series will be enforced.

The umpires have more time monitoring to do in the future

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