“From Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,800 Crore: The Remarkable Journey of Rajesh Exports”

The Remarkable Journey of Rajesh Exports

Rajesh Exports Story: Started business with Rs 10,000, today has made a company worth Rs 13,800 crore!

Rajesh Mehta Interview

Rajesh Exports Story: Startup culture is increasing in our country India, new startups are being started every day due to which the economy of our country is also growing rapidly. Today, from the world of Startup and Business, we have brought such a story for you, through which a person has created a huge company worth crores by taking a loan of just Rs 10,000.

Today we are talking about Indian industrialist Rajesh Mehta, who is the owner of Rajesh Exports company and with the help of his hard work and patience, he has made this company worth Rs 13,800 crore. In the world of Indian Startup, Rajesh Mehta is also called a gold merchant.

Consequently, we will tell you the story of Rajesh Exports in today’s post and explain how Rajesh Mehta turned this company into a multibillionaire enterprise. Additionally, let us inform you that a few years ago, Rajesh Mehta’s company, Rajesh Exports, was listed on the stock market.

Rajesh Mehta’s early days
Rajesh Mehta is a resident of Gujarat state of India. Rajesh had a dream of becoming a doctor since his childhood, but perhaps it was not written in his destiny to become like this. His father’s name is Jaswantari Mehta, who used to do jewelery business by profession. Rajesh’s father had come to Karnataka for his jewelery business, due to which Rajesh was also studying in Bengaluru city of Karnataka.

During his studies, Rajesh started helping his father in his business at the age of 16. While working in business with his father, he had made up his mind to do something big in the jewelery industry, and from here Rajesh started the journey of building Rajesh Exports company.

With a Rs 10,000 loan, a Rs 13,800 crore company was established.
Rajesh wanted to make a big name for himself in the jewelry business, so he borrowed Rs 2,000 from his brother and then took out a Rs 8,000 bank loan to achieve this. In 1982, Rajesh founded Rajesh Exports, a company he named after borrowing a total of Rs 10,000.

Rajesh used to purchase jewelry on a small scale from Chennai and resell it in Gujarat. After some time, he expanded his business and began selling jewelry from Hyderabad to Chennai after finding success in this line of work.

The biggest turning point in the life of Rajesh Mehta came when in the year 1989 he entered into making gold jewellery. Rajesh set up a small Gold Manufacturing Unit in Bengaluru itself, from where he used to sell gold products all over the world and today the same small Manufacturing Unit has been converted into Rajesh Exports whose valuation today is Rs 13,800 crore.

The company has also been listed in the stock market. Additionally, let us inform you that Rajesh Mehta’s company is listed on the stock market and has a market capitalization of Rs 13,800 crore. Rajesh Exports Company currently produces over 400 tonnes of gold jewelry annually, which has allowed it to carve out a unique niche for itself as a global gold exporter.

Along with this, let us also tell you that Rajesh Exports also has its own Gold Refinery in Switzerland. Rajesh Mehta’s positive thinking and self-belief have allowed him to grow his business to such a large extent.

Rajesh Exports Story Overview
Startup Name Rajesh Exports
Founder Rajesh Mehta
Homeplace Gujarat, India
Revenue (FY21) Approx. $32 Billion
Official Website http://rajeshindia.com/

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FAQ: Rajesh Exports Story

When was Rajesh Exports company started?
Rajesh Exports company was started in the year 1982 by Rajesh Mehta, a resident of Gujarat.

What is Rajesh Exports’s current revenue?
Rajesh Exports has made about $32 billion in revenue so far this year.

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