Sahil Khan: Left Bollywood after 5 flop films, career was a flop, still has assets worth Rs 170 crores

Sahil Khan

Not every Bollywood actor finds success. Even after achieving success, some people leave the industry entirely. Sahil Khan is one actor like that. His popularity skyrocketed in 2001 after the release of the film “Style.” However, none of his subsequent movies were a hit. She left the business and has spent the past 13 years outside of the glitzy world. But his brilliance hasn’t faded. He still lives the life of a celebrity today. His wealth is in the millions and crores.

This is how Sahil Khan’s career started.
In Kolkata, Sahil Khan was born. His career began with the Naachenge Saari Raat music video. In 2001, Sahil Khan made his Bollywood debut in the movie “Style.” He was given the lead role in N. Chandra’s film Style. This movie did very well at the box office. He then made an appearance in the follow-up to the style movie “Excuse Me.” In addition, he has acted in movies including Rama: The Savior and Aladdin.

Sahil Khan

No film has come out for 13 years, yet he is worth crores!

The actor, who quit his career after just five feature films, owns real estate valued at crores. How did he go from not being very popular in movies to owning crores?

Starring in Bollywood, Sahil Khan began his career in 2001 with the release of “Style.” Sahil Khan rose to fame overnight after the movie became a box office hit. But after that, none of his movies were commercially successful, and in 2007 he left Bollywood.

Within the fitness industry, Sahil Khan is well-known. In addition, he is a businessman. His company is a water bottle company. In addition, there’s a Life Fitness Gym. This is one of Mumbai’s most well-known gyms. He represents the Mumbai Bodybuilding Association as a brand ambassador. The actor is estimated to be worth Rs 170 crore.

Sahil Khan

YouTuber is Sahil Khan

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Sahil Khan’s acting career was brief, and he quickly transitioned into the fitness industry. He launched a YouTube channel and his own fitness business. His YouTube channel features videos about fitness. He tries to raise awareness of the value of physical fitness. His YouTube channel has over 2.8 million subscribers.

Sahil Khan married model Nigar Khan

Sahil Khan

On September 21, 2003, Bollywood actor Sahil Khan wed Norwegian-Iranian actress Nigar Khan. Nigar Khan has performed in numerous Bollywood item songs. The song “Chhadti Jawaani Meri Chaal Mastani” is what made him famous.

Sahil and Nigar were married with much fanfare and ceremony. However, their union did not endure for long. The pair separated in July of 2005.

Both Sahil and Nigar went on with their own lives following the divorce. Sahil went into the fitness industry after quitting acting. Nigar moved away from Bollywood and is currently residing in Norway.

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