Zobox Success Story: This man made a business worth Rs 50 crore from old Smartphones, read the full story

Zobox Success Story

Zobox Success Story

Due to the daily emergence of new businesses and the fact that numerous startups there have gone on to become unicorns, India has emerged as the startup capital of the world. In this context, the term “Unicorn” refers to a startup that becomes so when its valuation surpasses one billion dollars.

You can infer the rate of growth of startups in India at this time by looking at the fact that there are reportedly more than 100 unicorn startups in the country. Thus, we present to you today a success story from the startup industry, in which the company’s founder used outdated cell phones to build a crore-dollar business. have parked.

We are discussing Neeraj Chopra (Neeraj Chopra) here, who uses Zobox. a startup with the name a>has been launched.Made of crores and understand how Zobox Success Story, the company founded by Neeraj Chopra, has grown to be valued at crores today. The article for today will discuss

Zobox Success Story

This is how Zobox Success Story started

While his grandfather was born in Pakistan during the division, Neeraj Chopra was born in Delhi, India. He left everything behind in Pakistan when he traveled from India to India, where he rebuilt everything for his family. Because his father was involved in the export-import trade in Hong Kong, Neeraj moved to Hong Kong in 2000, the year he turned 18.

Neeraj spent 12 years managing his father’s export company in Hong Kong in addition to finishing his entire education there. managed. Everything was going great until Neeraj’s uncle passed away unexpectedly in 2012, forcing him to return to India.

Neeraj discovered upon arriving in India that although the country’s need for power banks is growing, manufacturing has not yet begun. has not taken place. Neeraj began bringing power banks into India from Hong Kong as a result, and he kept them for five years. > Worked in the electronics and power bank industries. After gaining experience there, he chose to found his own business in 2020, which is when Zobox started.

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Started business during Corona period!

Zobox Success Story

India was placed under lockdown when Neeraj founded the Zobox company. And for that reason, in December 2020, he began writing his business plan after a while. Neeraj began selling used cellphones by refurbishing them at the Zobox company. Neeraj used to purchase used cellphones, fix them, and then resell them. Let us tell you that as soon as he launched this company, it began to expand quickly.

Zobox Success Story

He found it challenging at first because he was not receiving many positive responses and could only sell about 100 mobile phones at first.However, the tale is entirely different now.

Today it has become a company worth crores!

Zobox Success Story

began in the era of Corona Zobox Enterprise Even though it is now valued in the crores, Neeraj used to struggle to make ends meet through this company. Few were able to sell mobile devices. However, between 20,000 and 25,000 of their mobile phones are easily sold each day in the modern era. In addition, Neeraj constructed a tiny location in Delhi’s Karol Bagh where his team performs mobile repair work.

Zobox Success Story

And if we discuss the company’s turnover, Zobox Company currently generates 50 crores in revenue, which has made the company valuable in the crores.

Neeraj has accomplished a great deal today with the aid of an outdated cell phone because he never gave up and always maintained an optimistic outlook. Developed a large enterprise. This teaches us that a person can accomplish anything if their thinking is expansive and optimistic.

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