TANK 2 Smartphone: Dangerous gaming phone with 15500 mAh battery, know its features

TANK 2 Smartphone

The world’s largest gaming smartphone with the longest battery life is the TANK 2. if you enjoy gaming as well. You will therefore be astounded to learn about this phone. The MediaTek Helio G99 processor in this phone is quite potent. This is for the most well-known laser beamer. This feature lets you watch videos on a large screen, such as a TV. Continue reading to learn more about this phone’s features.

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Display for Smartphones: TANK 2

This smart laser projector phone’s screen also has a nice appearance. The 6.79-inch (IP68) large display screen on this phone is impressive. Additionally, this phone is waterproof. in order to prevent damage to this phone, even in the event that it falls into water, and to protect the display screen.

The TANK 2 Smartphone Camera

TANK 2 Smartphone

This phone is well-known for having an enormous battery. However, this phone’s camera is also equally good. This phone is equipped with a triple camera configuration. There is a 108MP primary camera, a 64MP night camera, a 16MP wide angle camera, and an LED flashlight. Ahead of you for selfies. We’ll see a 32MP camera arrangement.

This phone’s camera can record videos in high definition. which will enable you to produce high-quality videos. Even at night, the footage you capture will resemble your room. which is an incredible feature. of this phone

Smartphone Battery and Charger for TANK 2

TANK 2 Smartphone

The TANK 2 Smartphone’s battery is its most notable feature. You are getting a massive, fantastic 15500mAh battery with this phone. Additionally, a USB Type-C cable supporting 66W fast charging is included. This phone takes around two hours to charge completely. This phone has a 35-hour continuous video viewing time once fully charged. Additionally, you have 320 hours to listen to music.

Prices of the TANK 2 Smartphone

TANK 2 Smartphone

Smartphone TANK 2 Discuss about the cost of a rugged laser projector phone. Thus, this phone costs $599.99 in US dollars. Talk about this phone’s cost in India. It is roughly equal to Rs 50,057.38. The arrangement of features on this phone. That suggests that it might be a reasonably priced smartphone.

United State Dollar
Available Official Website

Indian Rupees
Available in India Amazon.in

TANK 2 Smartphone

You learned everything there is to know about the TANK 2 smartphone in today’s news. I hope you now know everything there is to know about this phone. Please share this news with your friends and on social media if you found it interesting. Additionally, to read more comparable tech news, keep checking worldofwebstories.

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