World’s Largest Stock Exchanges – India’s Stock Market Is Currently Ranked Fifth Globally.

World’s Largest Stock Exchanges

World’s Largest Stock Exchanges

India has joined the world’s Top 5 Stock Markets, surpassing France in the process. India moved up to the sixth rank on the French stock market in January of this year. However, India’s steadily expanding market has taken back its fifth place. Since March, the Indian stock market has grown incredibly well. This is because foreign investors are interested in making investments in India. India’s macroeconomic circumstances are greatly improving as a result.

As of right now, India’s market capitalization, or the amount that the country’s stock market has increased, is $4.1 trillion. Currently ranked fifth among the world’s top ten stock markets is India. The value of the Indian stock market has increased by $330 billion since the start of the year.

The World’s Top 5 Stock Exchanges

The size of the American stock market is 48 trillion dollars, in comparison to the stock market in India. China comes next, with a stock market worth $9.7 trillion. Japan, with $6 trillion, is ranked third. Hong Kong, a partner with a 4.7 market size, comes in at number four. With a market capitalization of 4.1, India’s stock market surpasses that of France.

stock market rank Country Market Capitalization (Dollars)
1 America 48 trillion
2 China 9.7 trillion
3 Japan 6 trillion
4 hong kong 4.7 trillion
5 India 4.1 trillion
6 France 3.24 trillion

According to Jefferies, a well-known brokerage firm outside, the Indian market is expanding quickly. The moment is quickly approaching for the BSE Sensex to surpass 1,000,000. With this goal, Jefferies has made it possible for investors to make financial investments from both inside and outside of India.

Sensex and Nifty are at an all-time high.
The stock market in India is expanding quickly. Over the past two days, Senses and Nifty have both increased by 0.6%. The Nifty has risen to 20,826.95 points, and the Sensex has also experienced notable growth. At the moment, the Sensex is at 69,336.44 points.

World’s Largest Stock Exchanges

Top 5 reasons why India’s stock market is growing rapidly

Top 5 reasons why India’s stock market is growing rapidly

BJP Government: The BJP won three of the five states in the most recent state elections. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh are those three states. The people’s confidence has grown since the BJP government took office.

Funds from abroad: A significant portion of foreign investors, or FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors), are making large investments in the Indian market. India’s stock market is growing as a result.

US Bond Yield Down: The interest rate, or yield, of the bonds that are available on the US market has decreased. They also invest their money in nations outside of that nation in order to earn higher interest.

Stable Interest Rates: For a while now, interest rates have been relatively stable, both in India and the outside market. The activities of the market fluctuate less as a result.

Robust Macros: These indicate that India’s economy is doing fairly well. India saw 7.6% GDP growth in July compared to September.

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